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Official "Runner" Cover photo
Official "Runner" Cover photo
Release Date July (EST.)
Director armyperson557, xXCloudPandaXx
Film Company RMP Film Studios, Poppleworks Media
Running Time 120 Minutes (EST.)
Main Actors TBA
Genre Family, Drama
Movie Rating Rank EC.png

Runner is a 2017 Family/Drama film directed by armyperson557, Produced by RMP Film Studios, and co-produced by Poppleworks Media


After a bullied teen realizes his passion for running, he begins training to become an Olympic athlete.


Production for the movie began late January of 2016, However, due to group inactivity, the production is expected to be delayed. So far, no release date has been announced. The Company has since then been on hiatus but plans to begin filming shortly. The film is set to release sometime around June or July, and the total production time was over a year.






  • The film was originally planned to be a documentary, but was later changed to a Feature Film and "based on a true story"
  • The Film's original title was "Olympic Runners", until the director, armyperson557, decided to take out multiple protagonists so that there was only one. It was later decided to rename the film "Runner", focusing on only one main protagonist.
  • The film was inspired by the failure of the director in many cases.
  • The film has no official script
  • The film will be the second official film to be released under RMP Film Studios