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Release Date
September 7, 2017
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31 Minutes

Saxon, also known as Saxon: A VS Declassified File, is a 2017 British film, written and directed by Rick120.

The film is the latest installment in The Vortex Security Saga, but is however not a major installment to the series- while serving as a rehash/soft reboot of Vortex Security IV: Operation Sky Storm .

The film was released on September 7, 2017.


Set 11 years before Endgame, the film follows Mikael Saxon as he is called to an abandoned outpost, after a trespasser claims to know him... a claim proven to be correct.

Production History

Production began with Vortex Security V: Division Ghost in late 2016, the film originally penned to be a flashback scene in the movie. However major rewrites to the film later during 2017, meant that the scene had little place within the film and dropped.

However in August 2017, during a break while making Nominal Scale, Rick decided to dig up the scene, and after a day of rewrites, decided to rework it into a movie. Filming began on August 30, 2017 and ended on September 6, with the film being released the following day.


The film recieved a positive reaction, with praises going to the writing, tone and cinematography, however criticisms mainly going to the editing, visual effects not being up to par and the occasional spelling error.



Saxon is easily the best version of the VS series we've seen thus far. It has some of the tensest, immersive and straight up fun scenes this year. The soundtrack was incredibly well chosen and the general environment and aesthetic of the movie is a mix of dismal and anxious. It leaves you feeling like something is just around the corner, something unexpected. The animation was smooth and the costume design was golden. And for the story: it's obvious the film isn't here to tell some lesson or theme; which is fine. Not every movie needs to. This is just a fun VS movie. The one issue I had was with Rick (the character, not the director). He's near mute. I don't think it worked that well in some scenes. The revolver scene on the tower got kind of awkward. The shots changed 4-5 times with no dialogue whatsoever until Minna started cussing Mikhael out. It seems out of character for an SO to do that to their partner. A more effective way of straining Mikhael would've been to have her start questioning him. That would've been more in-character for someone's significant other in my opinion. As for other negatives, there's few, but they're still there. There's a couple text errors, but they're negligible. Some of the shots seem to go on longer than they should, rendering the shot awkward. But, again, some of these hiccups are negligible. I still enjoyed the movie, and I'd watch it again. Saxon's an entertaining and tense military movie, something we need more of. I'm feeling a strong 7 on Saxon: A VS Declassified File. Somekiryu
Saxon is the best VS film to date, combining a mix of great cinematography with cinematic action scenes and animation. The accompanying soundtrack leaves you on the edge of your seat, with tones of suspense and terror often being strewn throughout the film. However, there were a few text errors, and some shots lingered out a bit too long. Additionally, some of the FX could have been improved upon, but this all pales in comparison to the cinematography, characters, and plot. Saxon is a definitive must-watch film for fans of thrillers, and I am giving it an 8.5/10. Wholesaleryan56


Main Cast

Main Cast
Actor Role
Jackiepwners Mikael Saxon
Wholesaleryan56 Minna Tirhum
ZPrinceBreezy Rick Talvovski
BugaMeister Commander "The Red Man" Ajax


  • The film makes use of sets and character models, that were originally to be used in the planned reboot VS: Sandstorm, before it was scrapped.
  • The September 2017 release of the film marks almost 4 years since the previous VS film: VSIV: OSS.
  • Production on the film lasted just over a week, the quickest Rick has worked on a production since Transition.
  • This is Rick's first film to feature a mid-credits scene.
  • While the film is a shortened alternative rehash of VSIV, the original film is still canon to the universe.
  • A mistake was made to the poster when Rick forgot Wholesaleryan56 had a number in his name, hence on the poster his username lacks the 56.



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