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Scarlet Final.png
Director Godsavenger
Main Actors Genrice, Racheldubs, shabaan1956, IcyAxel
Series Run 2015 - Present
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 1
Genre Action, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank E-13.png

Scarlet is a American Series,written and directed by Godsavenger with help from his co-director Routess.


Story follows a traveler named Walker. His journey was originally to take down an anarchist group which has been terrorizing Japan for 3 years. Making minimal progress, he consistently trains to become a better fight. But, a new problem arises as a respected God has gone corrupt, and has lost his faith in the people of Japan, and find as if they disrespect his existence and think of him as a joke. Walker, along with the Council of Japan must figure out how to take down both threats and successfully save Japan and the world itself.


Script began April 2nd, and ended April 4th.

Many years before now, after attempting to make this series before Godsavenger went back to Scarlet trying to finish this piece of work he once started with Routess before they restarted. The script was completely rewritten and Godsavenger didn't hesitate and went straight to filming and got it published on 4/8/15.


Reception was mostly positive, but negative towards the voice acting

Voice Actors/Cast

Actor Role
Routess Walker
Faave Tyron
Monthman323 Sam
Ambamby Michelle
FirelFreak Mihle
princeofsun2380 Thanos
StarlessGalaxy Mersedes
Routess Zero
TheFallen123 Zaki
TheFallen123 Laurence



Scarlet - New Journey (Episode 1)