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Shattered Silence: Fall from Grace (2012)
Theatrical Poster
Theatrical Poster
Release Date November 5, 2012 (Non-remastered); April 8, 2013 (Remastered)
Director Zilex1000
Film Company Zilex1000 Productions
Running Time 30:35 (Original release); 26:57 (Special edition)
Main Actors Rachelmay1, Superpenguin55, Taragamer36, Bobby45602
Genre Mystery, Drama
Movie Rating Rank EC.png

Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace is the second film by Zilex1000. It was released on November 4th, 2012 and distributed byZilex1000 Productions. As with his debut, Zilex employed the help of collaborators Rachelmay1 and Superpenguin55 to write the film. Much of the film was written in the month following the release of his debut


After being transferred from London to a small town in central England, Mr Luis Clark meets Nancy Thompson, Lynda Aren, Mark Pierce, Landon McGrath, Tony Browning and the infamous Mrs Margo McGrath. He notes each person and assigns them all different personality archetypes.

After Margo's blunt rudeness and sabotage of Lynda's career, Margo finds herself with one less friend as Nancy storms off in a fit of rage. This is the first of three tension building events as Margo betrays Mark and leaves him for Landon and Landon discovers the affair Margo was having. This concerns Luis greatly and when Margo shows him the death threats sent, he is convinced a murder will occur if he doesn't try to do something. On the night of the re-release of "Gaslight", Margo is murdered despite attempts by Luis to prevent it.

What follows will prove to be one of Luis's most challenging cases yet.


A remake of the original Shattered Silence had been planned after it was heavily panned by critics and was deleted. Production for various remakes had been started but most never got into the filming stage or were never completed. Production for Shattered Silence began immediately began following the release of Chapter 3 of Tales From The House, back in late September.

The script was revisited twice before a final copy was completed and handed in for reviewing on October 8th. Filming commenced on October 10th and was completed October 23rd. Editing took longer than most of the post production processes and as a result of glitch and error on the night of the premiere, the film was delayed until November 4th.

Complaints about very quiet and inaudible audio were fired out when it was first released and so the film was taken down, re-edited and re-released on November 10th. Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace was removed on April 6th and it was confirmed a new remastered version with the Technicolor restored and text in place of voices was to be released. On April 8th, it was uploaded.


Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace was praised for its soundtrack and acting, but criticized for its messy writing.



This is simply amazing. Great soundtrack. Great shots. Amazing actors. This is mostly a 9/10! PeterTheBloxer
What happened at the end was surprising, 9/10 script. PopBlox Studios
This film was a great visual experience. All the actors did great, and the cinematography was beautiful. Most problems reside in the audio. The voice acting was alright but for one character (Linda), you can't understand anything she says and Luis (Zilex1000) is too quiet. Other than that, it's a great film for repeated viewings. (gave the film 8/10) Brisingric
The amazing master of suspence who gave us the Tales From The House pulls off a feat of robloxiwood movie history using the first fully voice acted movie.. Although technical difficulties hidered some character developement, the amazing clarity of the film and the exceptional use of the visual elements make this film pop to life and make it one of the best of All Time, but it does not top this list (CosimoValuta's Top 10 Lists of 2012). CosimoValuta
Zilex is one of the best directors in ROBLOXiwood. He combines the classic technicolor mysteries of the 1950's with Zilex's style and direction, it creates a film that is highly original. A character driven plot, the finale throws you off and blows your mind away. TomPengu
Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace is the most Zilex1000 movie as they get. It looks better than most movies of it's time, but that's about it.

Visually, the movie looks like a Kindergarten drawing. As in, the colors are incredibly bright. Sometimes this works very well. Sometimes it looks horrendous. A good example of the latter is right around 11:52. This is a good example of most visual flaws with this movie -- where am I supposed to look? Nancy? Lewis? The trees? Then, the film takes a sharp turn and has the exact problem half of Darkvalk had! It's far too dark! You can't tell what's going on in the slightest. However, at the time of release, this film was different. It was a step forward, and it had at least some color editing. Even with the vomit-esque colors at times, and a painful vignette, it was a step forward, and one must respect this.

As with most Zilex1000 films, the story is an absolute mess. It took me five or six watchings to fully understand what was going on in it. As for Orbital Providence, at least you could gather what was happening in the film in one watching. This film is completely incomprehensible and unintelligible at times. This was the case in 2013 and it's the case now. While this film certainly feels more heartfelt and a sincere effort to make a good film -- unlike OP, which was an attempt to prove that Zilex was the best without actually proving so -- the writing is still cluttered and messy! The ending makes absolutely no sense during a first viewing. As for the character development, it's there, but barely. The dialogue holds back most development here, as the character's actions don't say much about them either. It's perfectly alright to have dialogue speak for a character, but when the dialogue is written, not read, you have to try twice as hard. However, most of the lines in this movie are awkward and clunky even when read aloud!

What makes SS:FFG soar FAR above OP is the sense of ambition. There is heart in this movie -- it's trying, like most 2013 films, and as a result it would be unfair slam it for it's pitfalls that were corrected years later. However, this does not excuse the mess of a story! Breathtaker's story was a little sloppy, but it was still comprehensible.

I'm feeling a light 5 on Shattered Silence. If the story had been clearer -- perhaps by an increase in length and clearer dialogue -- then it could've easily jumped far above that score. But, unfortunately, it fails to utilize the storytelling abilities others were displaying at the time.




Name Role
Rachelmay1 Inspector Nancy Thompson
Superpenguin55 Luis Clark
Taragamer36 Lynda
Bobby45602 Landon
DonCurrency Chief Inspector Browning
Arclordrpg Mark
Helena361 Margo McGrath
Coollegodude1 The Detective
Badzafirah Extra
Voice Actors
Name Role
Zilex1000 Luis Clark
Rachelmay1 Nancy Thompson, Lynda
Rockybow Chief Inspector Browning
Playsportsergent Landon
Mr44 The Detective
Densle1 Mark
Badzafirah Margo

Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace

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The Cast

Cast of the film at the premire

Filming On-Set

Rachelmay1 as The Killer; Superpenguin55 as Nancy.

Deleted Scene #1


The second film in the series, Shattered Silence: Murder On The 13th Floor, will serve as the direct sequel to Fall From Grace, centering on the events that followed Margo's murder in 1955. 


  • Most of the sound in the film is diegetic, meaning that the music, speech and other sounds all come from within the world of the film.
  • The revelation at the end was to include flashbacks of how the murder really happened, but it was deemed too violent and it was extending the film too long.
  • Actors reported that lighting on set could be so bright that they had to turn down their brightness on their monitors.
  • Zilex1000 has a very quick and almost unnoticeable cameo in the film, at exactly the 3 minute mark, as Lynda is walking down the path.
  • The film that Nancy and Luis talk about adapted from the "Turn of The Screw" novel was actually non existent in the time era. It would be released in 1961.
  • The age of the lead characters was confirmed by Zilex1000, stating Nancy to be 22 years old, and Luis to be 43 years of age.
  • The film was planned to have a subplot involving the development of the friendship between Nancy and Luis but it was scrapped. There is still hints of it weaved into the final film, most notably the scene at Nancy's apartment.
  • The 'Technicolor' process used for the film was reportedly an extremely laborious and lengthy task, as it was still primitive at this stage and some scenes would be completely discolored.


The 2013 BLOX Awards

Awards Awarded to...
Best Director Zilex1000
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Taragamer36
Best Score Zilex1000