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Squad 41 Origins: Raiden
Release Date
March 10, 2017
Directed By
Jackie Studios

Squad 41 Origins: Raiden is a 2017 short film produced, written, and directed by Jackiepwners


After an isolated community's leader dies, the population seeks to defend themselves from the outside world. Coincidentally an exodus is planned during the community's defense. However, one boy named Raiden refuses to help.


In February 2017, Jackiepwners wanted to continue the branch of the UCU (Unstoppables Cintematic Universe) planning an upcoming film Squad 41. The entire short film was made in ROBLOX Studio. On March 10, filming was completed, and released.



If you want a good Roblox short film with a series within its grasp, one of the top choices has to be Raiden: Squad 41 Origins. With a different set up and unique charecters, this short film will catch the eye of any lore fans out their, you already have a main set of character's, and to be honest, they're pretty kick-ass. Although it isn't explored deeply, The Golden Blaze and Phantom Guardian seem to have a deep past, although, Raiden ( The main character) definitely needs to be fleshed out more before the full fledge series comes out, or maybe in the beginning of the first movie it needs to explore his background more. It goes through the horrible experience of war, and the subtle, but out their, psychological effects on Raiden. Raiden to a average viewer doesn't seem that appealing to be the main character, which is understandable, as Raiden is pretty unknown so far, and his average look doesn't help him either. Refusing not to kill shouldn't be his only trait ( Hacksaw Ridge). A side from that, Raiden could definitely grow to be a classic character in the UCU, he seems very promising. If I where Jackie, I would most likely make it into a episodic series, in my opinion. A solid 7.3/10 from me. Didikong23
One of your first robloxiwood shorts? Guess what? It's extraordinary. With many references from one of my favorite movie genres Ip Man, I'd like to admire every single detail of this short. Raiden appears to be the type who wants a normal life but is forced into fighting, just like Ninja Assassin (bad movie eugh). I see 4 old things i've seen in 2016, the interrogation room from The Golden Blaze, The Golden Blaze himself, (formally Detective) Captain Carl, and the old 2015 lost film character the Phantom Guardian. Many aspects of this film are somehow cliche with a friend character dies and the other gets revenge. But I would love to say that the stopmotion used is improved since Unstoppables 1. I would love to give this a 8/10. MouthMathonMichael (MMM) (Youtube)
This short was awesome, and sad, and shocking! What a great introduction to a new little short series to build up the ladder to Squad 41's future. I am looking forward to more but you can take your time. I am absolutely sure that your short, Squad 41 Origins: Raiden, is a great example of what to do and not to do. Like Michael said, this was a bit cliche but that's okay :D


Jackson Pelson (Youtube)



Main Cast
Actor Role
N/A Raiden
N/A Cheng
N/A Captain
N/A Carl
N/A The Golden Blaze
N/A Phantom Guardian


  • The original homemade comic book of Raiden's origin was based in Naruto, where he was an Uchiha. However Jackie re-wrote the script to change his origins due to the two universes being confusing.
  • This is Jackiepwners' first short film, and first introduction to the Squad 41 Origins Series.
  • The short film features two characters, Phantom Guardian, and Golden Blaze. However, Phantom Guardian is from a lost film in 2015 while Golden Blaze is from a film in 2016, making both universes combined.



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