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Release Date
July 8, 2014
Directed By
Produced By
Written By
Ahache123, OriginalLSummerS, JenniferHartson

 Static is a 2014 film directed by somekiryu. It was released on July 8, 2014.


Three of the four biggest crime lords in America are faced with a challenge with the fourth is suspected of treason, and when the first's, Jacob, schizophrenia gets out of hand.

Production History

The idea for Static originally started as a film soley about schizophrenia, however, due to the small amount of content story-wise, ThecapcomFreak cut it to a music video titled Paranoia. After some thought, ThecapcomFreak reverted the idea back to a full length film, and added a crime element to the film. The film was released on July 8, 2014.


Actor Role
Spiderboy9 Jacob
Ahache123 Christian
OriginalLSummerS Dustin
JenniferHartson James
Assassain25 Police Chief
princesman00 Jakob 
MoNaYLeviathan Jakob (Voice 2)
Gamerwalk Jakob (Voice 3)
AlmightyNoob Jakob (Voice 4)
CosimoValuta Jacob (Voice 5)


The film was released to positive reviews.

Reviews Reviewers
Static is a powerful movie which I believe is a successful  way of getting out awareness for Schizophrenia and I hope that anyone who watches this movie will learn that this is a condition that should not be joked around with and has to be taken seriously. As a film Static is a solid movie- another successful production by ThecapcomFreak and his team, and it will definitely be making my best Roblox movies of 2014! 9.5/10. Rick120
It was another excellent film from Capcom. The visuals, music, story and script were all nearly perfect. Though I had my gripes with the film, I would still say it's an excellent piece of work from Capcom and definitely one I'd nominate for the BLOX Awards. I'd give it a 9.5/10. Olliekins
In a film that clearly has no obligations to hide the horror hidden within it's nightmarish world, ThecapcomFreak elegantly combines the elements of complex psychological horror and struggles of personal relationships. It is cinema at its most raw, and there is no disputing that this film is anything less than the absolute truth, which makes it all the more terrifying. Rating: 10/10 Zilex1000



  • In the police station, Darkvalk and Shattered Silence posters are on the wall.
  • Four of the cartel members that can be seen standing around in the film are characters to an upcoming project by ThecapcomFreak. 
  • ThecapcomFreak considers Static his least favorite of all of his films due to it's innacuracy. 

Awards & Nominations 

The 2014 BLOX Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Picture Somekiryu Won
Best Director Somekiryu Nominated
Best Actor in a Leading Role Spiderboy9 Nominated
Best Storyline Somekiryu Nominated
Best Cinematography Somekiryu Nominated
Best Screenplay Somekiryu Nominated
Best Score Somekiryu Nominated
Best Production Design Somekiryu Nominated
Best Film Editing Somekiryu Nominated
Best Visual Effects Somekiryu Nominated
Best Special Effects Somekiryu Nominated



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