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Stopmotion101 Studios
Early 2010
Years Active
2010 - Present
YouTube Channel
Preferred Genres
Action thrillers
Crime thrillers

Stopmotion101 Studios is a filmmaking company founded by Endpoint. It is most known for the THCU, and it's original Moon Wars series. The company has a YouTube channel which has gained almost 200,000 views. It was originally co-owned by Mikki, Lenopow, and RainbowChew. Somekiryu and Wholesaleryan56 currently act as co-directors of the group.


Name Year Director Type Status
Planetary Conquest 2010 Endpoint Series Released
WWII War Heroes 2010 Endpoint Film Cancelled
Moon Wars 2010 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Revenge of the Zombie King 2011 Endpoint Film Released
PWNZ0R-MAN 2011 Endpoint Series Cancelled
Fire V.S Ice 2011 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: The Evolved 2011 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Return of the Zombie Prince 2011 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Zombie Planet 2012 Endpoint Film Released
War For Robloxia 2012 Endpoint Series Cancelled
Noob V.S Boon 2013 Endpoint Series Released
The Dark Knight 2013 Endpoint Film Released
Hyperblue 2013 Endpoint Film Released
The Eight Pages 2013 Endpoint, somekiryu Series Cancelled
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 Endpoint Film Released
A Diamond A Dozen 2014 Endpoint Short Released
Hunted 2015 Endpoint Short Released
Blind Justice 2015 Endpoint Film Released
Aftermath 2015 Endpoint Short Released
The Renegade 2015 Endpoint Film Released
Revelations 2015 Endpoint Short Released
Frost (Series) 2015 Endpoint Series Released
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier 2016 Endpoint Film Released
Ember 2016 Endpoint Short Film Released
Injustice 2017-2019 Raven_Akira, BenIsLegit Film In-Production
The Dark Knight: Apocalypse 2017 Endpoint Film Released
Synods (Moon Wars Reboot) 2017 Endpoint Film Released
Blind Justice (Reboot) 2018 Endpoint Film Released
Fallen Kingdom 2019 Endpoint Film Released
The Trinity 2019 Jackiepwners Film In-Production
Moon Wars: Aftermath 2018 Endpoint Short Released
The Dark Knight: Genesis 2019 Jackiepwners Short Released
Rattle 2019 Wholesaleryan56 Film Upcoming
Hostage 2019 Wholesaleryan56 Film In-Production
Time Heroes 2019 Endpoint, somekiryu Film Upcoming