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Superman Begins
Superman Begins Poster.jpg
Release Date
April 21st 2017
Directed By
Produced By
Introscope Filmworks
Written By
RobloxDC Entertainment
Action, Drama, Superhero, Sci-Fi

Superman Begins is a 2017 comic book movie written and directed by Gamemaster387.


For years, Clark Kent has been trying to find his place in the world and find out who he truly is. But after he finds out that Tyrell plans to colonize Earth, Clark must ultimately become a hero to save the world from a dire threat.


On July 2016, Gamemaster387 decided to reboot The Last Son of Krypton since the movie had major problems which could damage his film, due to plot holes, editing issues, and personal issues. Scriptwriting for the film started from 6th July 2016, and ended on October 28th 2016. Production for Superman Begins finally began on December 21st 2016. Production paused on January 26th and then resumed on February 12th. The production for the movie concluded on April 19th and the movie was released on April 21st.


Reviews Reviewers
Comic book inspired films have had an unsuccessful history among the ROBLOXiwood community, superhero films of original creation being the exception. Superman Begins, being the directorial debut of Gamemaster387, has its ups and downs, but the effort put in is clear. Starting with the negatives, there seems to be pacing and editing issues that are reminiscent of the early films of the Time Heroes series. Certain scenes cut out too early, with plenty of room for expansion, and music selection is quite awkward at various points. The sets are pretty underwhelming, but considering the circumstances, I'll let it slide. The costumes are surprisingly well done, (other than young skater Clark???) and I was happy to see the use of Superman's classic, underwear-baring uniform. As for the film as a whole, the plot consisted of great ideas and clever little details (god of knowledge, whoever could that be *cough*Brainiac*cough*), but definitely could have been executed better. Certain characters, including the man of steel himself, didn't seem consistent through examples of dialogue, but hopefully that can be fixed in the follow-up. I'm looking forward to the next entry into the franchise, it definitely has the potential to grow into something awesome. Keep it up, Game! 6/10 WinterWolf314
As for my review of 'Superman Begins', the story has a great and interesting concept which includes the origin, backstory, and life of the title character, Clark Kent. Most of the characters have built up their development well including their feats and acts, like how they would be predicted to be. Action scenes seemed slow paced and some where anti-climatic. A little bit of the stopmotion would need work as I saw it kind of, choppy. The cinematography was on top notch! Including your little use of Superman's Flight for greenscreen, which I thought was interesting. Also I remember you used my intro idea!




Main Cast
Actor Role
Fancyrobloxluv2 Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
AwesomeBuddypop Tyrell
Royalsupermanreturn Jor-El
xHttp_Jenny Lois Lane
WallyWest_DCU Perry White
SpiderMan_MCU Jimmy Olsen
izz34 Martha Kent
Meowfrr Jonathan Kent
izz34 Major Sandra Lee
xxthejasonkillerxx Professor Hamilton


  • The film will be based on Superman: Earth One.
  • The film takes place around mid-June, 2010.
  • The day Clark Kent becomes Superman is the same day Man of Steel has been released.
  • There are two references to Batman's existence.
  • There is a reference to Brainiac.



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