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October 22, 2015
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Testament is a 2015 short written and directed by LordCrossfire82. It was produced by BenIsLegit and co-produced by Ultrazz.


A boy named Dale struggles after he finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him.


October 9th, 2015. ConFIlms owner and head Director LordCrossfire82. Announced that he was going to do a short for the upcoming OctoberFest. So while talking with Ultrazz, they decided the name to be Testament, and made out the plot and character designs that night.

BenIsLegit was brought on to help and guide Lord in the right direction with the short, and became his mentor throughout the filming of the short. The film was completed on October 18, 2015 and was released on October 22, 2015.

On February 29, 2016, LordCrossfire82 deleted his YouTube channel and the video was lost. However, on April 21, 2016, he announced that he planned on reuploading Testament after returning.




Testament garnered mixed reception.



Great message to this short, and I liked the way you delivered it. One of the best shorts I've seen in a long time. I felt like the scene where he get's high, lasted a bit too long. It took over 2 minutes of the short, and feel that the short could've done just fine without the scene itself. The soundtrack fit the short very well, except when it goes from the song where he is standing next to the dad, and then to the mom, it jumped from one to another and it didn't blend very well. I liked the set design, except for some things, like the drawer was giant compared to Dale. Great job, 7.2/10. Littlegreen1
Intentional or not, 'Testament' is just that; a testament to LordCrossfire82's new found direction. It is his first film in a year, and in many ways it feels like a debut, a tasteful blend of poignant mediation and introspection that introduces LordCrossfire as a bona fide ROBLOXiwood director. The touch of executive producers BenIsLegit and Ultrazz are evident in the polished nature of the film, as LordCrossfire takes cues from his contemporaries utilising moody lighting dynamics and SFX with precision. If the goal of 'Testament' is to sell LordCrossfire and his movie studio as a genuine potential force to be reckoned with, then it has achieved its job. Rating: 7.5/10 Zilex1000
This is one of Lordcrossfire82's greatest videos, I found the camera work was especially refreshing. though the dialogue at some points did have some grammatical errors, I feel like the rest of the short made up for it. Though I will admit, at times I did laugh because of my dark sense of humor, I could understand each character's motivations and difficulties, and the acting was very acceptable. My criticisms mostly boil down to pacing issues, dialogue, and, uh,interesting set and prop design. Thought the soundtrack was acceptable, especially in the last half. Overall, 6/10, great work Lord. DonValuta
I'm not big on Drama things, and the whole feel of the drama doesn't translate well when reading text, but you could understand the situation and the special effects were pretty good. Music choice was good. Aside from the feelings/mood not translating well, I'll give it a 7/10. Great short. BugaMeister
As a film meant for a realistic approach, it's awful. Although getting cheated on is heartbreaking, this is definitely an exaggeration of such case. However, as a film meant for a good watch, I'd certainly recommend it. It had a lot of good effects and I think this is a great step compared to the KrisBush series. The only issue worth mentioning is a lacking 'show don't tell' mentality of this film. What did Dale's dad do to him to make him feel unloved? etc. However, this lacking element is outweighed by a great film that simply 'shows the moment' and doesn't need to explain the film in more detail. Maybe I will let the lacking element pass... 8/10 CanadianInfernape
Was not expecting the cameo. But on a serious note; Testament proves that people like LordCrossfire82 can in fact get better with time- patience and experience. Testament is easily one of the more visually-appealing Productions of the past year with it's lighting and cinematography, not to mention the more consistent tone which had always been absent from previous works. The set designs were not great, but for me at least- they're good enough.

Saying that though, the script I believe could've been worked on a bit more, the whole cheating thing happens and is kind of rushed and a majority of the dialogue could've been either changed or heck, removed. The short doesn't quite pack the emotional punch which I believe it was supposed to, and the pacing was kind of off- not dragging but just kind of slow.

But overall: I liked Testament enough to say that it is indeed Lord's best work to date and I hope he keeps it up and get's better with Redempton. 7/10

I liked it. The sound track was kinda a little kinda weird around the 2nd half of the short(in my opinion). some of the lines felt awkward to read at times. But i can tell you came a long way since...the movies that shall not be named... and i love it. Cinematography, the 1st half of the soundtrack awesome, character development was there. But one thing... Why kill your self in the middle of the street? Jut saying, not gonna go capcom on you buddy. but anyway. I liked the short I rate: 8.5/10
Testament, definitely Kris' best production he has had thus far. I do like the story, though I do wish you kinda expanded on the characters relationship with the parents since he goes up to them and seems to have certain connections with them. It basically left some loose ends because Dale said "Dad I'm sorry for whatever I did for you to hate me", I wish we could've seen that sort of connection with his family. I also say this because if you showed this it doesn't seem like he's killing himself over his girlfriend cheating on him and calling a "fedora wearing freak". Another thing that kinda irked me was the pacing throughout the short film, and some of the meh green screening of the rain. The gun shot sound effect also hurt my ears... BUT OTHER THAN THAT THE FILM WAS PRE DECENT. 5.3/10
4/10 This movie was ok. It did have clichés, When the fedora talked to him... I laughed! I geuss fedoras are evil now. The film when Sopranos on us in the end. It just faded to black. Like what happened after that, did a cop shot him? Did she shot him? Did Walter White come out the sky. Overall the film was ok. It did give me a new catchphrase! You Fedora Wearing Freak!
Tony Harding (YouTube)



  • The short is inspired by real life events taken place in LordCrossfire82's life.
  • Testament only took two weeks (9 days) to be created.
  • The short is also the second time LordCrossfire82 has done a dramatic short.



Testament 2015 ROBLOX FILM Re-Release