The 2009 Movie Bloxxer Awards
Date Held December 29/30, 2009
Host Robokiler6
No. of Award Winners 8
The First Annual Movie Bloxxer Awards (also known as The 2009 Movie Bloxxer Awards) was an awards ceremony held December 29-30, of 2009. It was the first ceremony of The Movie Bloxxer Awards.


The Movie Bloxxer Awards were originally planned by Magma234, and RoYeL collaborated with him to get media for the awards event. Robokiller6 made the stage and theater for the award ceremony. Ultrazz and RoYeL were selected as official judges for the event and the date was planned at December 12, before being delayed to December 29th 4:30 - 5:30 PM. Since it was hosted in 2009, only 2009 films could be considered for awards.

Event Information

Judges are selected to review the nominees for the specific year the ceremony is held. Once winners are secretly selected, the host and judges feature the award ceremony and give the winners a Bloxxer Award.


Name Award Nominee Award Winner Arrived Late Left Early
Robokiller6 (Host) Yes Yes N/A N/A
Revenger123 Yes Yes N/A N/A
RoYeL Yes Yes N/A N/A
Ultrazz Yes Yes N/A N/A
Killerdude003201 Yes




Category Recipient Work Result
Best Movie Revenger123 2012: End of Roblox Won
DonCurrency Carlo County Outlaws Nominated
Ultrazz Late Night at Iron Cafe Nominated
RoYeL Interviewing the Stars Nominated
Best Direction Revenger123 N/A Won
DonCurrency N/A Nominated
Best Actor Robokiller2 N/A Won
Darkness9000 N/A Nominated
Killerdude003201 N/A Nominated
Best Art Direction RoYeL N/A Won
Revenger123 N/A Nominated
DonCurrency N/A Nominated
Best Costume DonCurrency N/A Won
Revenger123 N/A Nominated
Best Soundtrack Revenger123 N/A Won
DonCurrency N/A Nominated
RoYeL N/A Nominated
Best Visual Effects RoYeL N/A Won
DonCurrency N/A Nominated
Revenger123 N/A Nominated
Best Trailer Ultrazz Rocky Balboa: Roblox's First Major Sports Movie Won
Revenger123 2012: End of Roblox Nominated


After a huge success, it was planned that The Movie Bloxxer Awards would be held again in December 2010. However, the ceremony never occurred and was later eclipsed by The Golden R Awards.

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