The First Annual BLOX Awards
Date Held
7 July, 2013
No. of Award Winners

The First Annual BLOX Awards (also known as the 2013 BLOX Awards), was an awards ceremony held on July the 6th/7th (dependent on location) of 2013. It was the first ceremony of the BLOX Awards.

Timeline of Awards

  • April 24: Nominations open.
  • June 1: Nominations close.
  • Rest of June: Nominations are finalised, committee contacted, decides winners.
  • June 30: Dates announced.
  • July 7: Ceremony (timezones meant that for some, it was held on the 6th)
  • August 2: Official video released.



(Left to right) Superpenguin55, Zilex1000, and Rachelmay1 at the after-party.

The ceremony was organized by Superpenguin55, Zilex1000 and Arclordrpg. Super did much of the organization and the theater organization, while Zilex assisted with nominations and organization later on. Arclordrpg assisted with technical management. The ceremony was hosted on July 6th, at 4:00pm Pacific Daylight Time, at the National Theatre. The ceremony saw large attendance, and ran for approximately 2 hours. Superpenguin55 and Zilex1000 each announced award winners, and Arclordrpg managed the stage, as well as handing out awards.


(* = award winner) (** = came late) (*** = left early) (italics = host)