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The Closet
Release Date
April 25, 2015
Directed By
Produced By
The Unknown Productions

The Closet is an 2015 drama short written and directed by Coollegodude1 and distributed by The Unknown Productions and ZZR Studios. The short was released April 25, 2015 to mixed reviews.


A boy is having trouble coming out to his parents.


Writing for the short started January 19th, 2015, and ended January 28th, 2015.

The script went through some changes Mid-February and BATMAN21005 signed on as Set Builder.

Filming began Mid March.

The film is set to release April 15th, 2015.

The short premiered at The 21005 Theatre to mixed reviews.


The short received mixed reviews. Most reviewers praised the use of homosexuality in a ROBLOX film. However some viewers thought the lack of a soundtrack and character development ruined the short.



The Closet... Uhh, I don't what to say. Except that the fact that sometimes you can't read some the text, the dad turned into a complete psychopath out of nowhere. The son shoots the dad and mom says, "Oh, it's okay. Don't worry about you killing my husband." I love ya cool, but this was awful. 4.5/10 but I liked the camera work. Supergoko98
A very dark short film but poorly executed with the material it was given with. While a character may be based on a person in real life who acts that way, as many of us may know homophobic people who would behave exactly like that, that doesn't make them a good film character unless it's a biopic. I felt this film attempted to explore a family issue but just wasn't able to overcome the low production qualities of the short film nor was it told in a very engaging way. 2/10 DonValuta
7.5 To much swearing... Could be offensive to some people but maybe in a way helpful as well, and finally it seems like you you could have added a little more to it. But for the most part i think the quality was good and the short its self was pretty good. It just seems like the ended way to fast, and way to sudden. tec307
Pretty good overall. There were some errors like the little box in the corner at the beginning of the film, and how one part it's night time when they're eating dinner, and still eating dinner it becomes daylight. Then also how he kinda gets the gun out of no where. The film had a little bit of lag but the story was good overall, seeing how people could lose it very quickly and you demonstrated it in this film. The story made up for the small errors, and I hope to see more films take a stance on gay/homosexual rights. 7.8/10. Good job, cool littlegreen1
Overall, while the film is shot well, safe for a few instances of pixilation, the lack of soundtrack and emptiness of it all cannot go ignored and the plot gets very illogical towards the end. However while I say this; I can still see potential in the directors future. I will say 4.5/10 for effort and I hope we can see great things from him soon. Rick120
Definitely room for improvement. Quality of the film was okay... The story was very anticlimactic in my opinion, and the amount of F-bombs could've been lowered severely. You could've added so much more in the story, instead of leaving us with barely any character development. No soundtrack made some areas pretty bland and boring, but places with soundtrack had my ears hurting. Towards the end was confusing due to the fact no one knows how the kid gets the gun and shoots his father, and the mother not having any reaction towards that. But I still see a lot of potential in your future of film making. 4/10 for me, don't let this discourage you. I hope to see amazing things from you soon! Routess
This is a very strange short. For the first short in ROBLOXiwood to focus on a gay character, I was expecting something more meaningful. Since there's no music for the majority of the short, I don't feel any emotions that maybe I should have felt. The text sometimes blends into the background (seriously, fix that! it makes it that much harder to read!), the editing is kind of sloppy (it cuts in and out), the plot became nonsensical at the end, and overall, it was just bland. I did, however, like some of the camera angles and the script, but as for the rest, it just didn't work. I hope there's better films to come. 3.5/10. Olliekins
First off before I get to talking about story the overall way the movie is filmed is great, a lot of the shots really add to the feel of it. Now for the story, i quite enjoyed it, It sends a message in a very dramatic way. It was realistic as well, as sadly people like his father aren't always fictional. While the dialog is iffy at times it can be powerful as well and the ending leaves you thinking. Nice Job. 8/10. smartbatmanboy
Nice film. It was quiet. It had a good plot, and it really connects to what gay kids go through sometimes. I'd give it a 7.5/10. It was pixelated, but it was nice. It was very realistic. Dondo Tube
It seems more great to give a film a fair judgement and a good start of a film. The message was strait to the point perfection. Dialog to me seemed right in my world. Now we have more films to work on in strait to the point. Now the quality was a little iffy because some of it had the roblox chat in what spoiled some of the movie value it self. Not the ending just its value. (in content). 10/10 buddbudd222
This film was amazing. It really spoke to me, and made me realize that this problem is one that must be recognized the real world, and the way you portrayed it in this film was amazing. I only had a few issues. First of all, I didn't really mind that it was a mostly silent movie, it set the mood if you asked me. But the music you played when Jeff got the gun felt really awkward to me, It really didn't seem like the right music to play at that time, you know what I mean? Also,That scene were he just took out the gun was a bit confusing too, you could have showed a clip of him maybe getting the gun from his or his parents room or something. But overall, it was an amazing film, very powerful, and it holds a message that some people don't understand, but need to. I give this outstanding film a 9/10. Keep up the good work! cooltnb123
I loved some of the cut-scenes. They were brilliant. Fast, quick, and overall clean. I loved that you chose to tackle such a topic, and you did a brilliant job of conveying it. However, there were some things like text being hard to read, pixelated camera footage, swearing for no apparent reason, and the lack of soundtrack and storyline. Also, the credits that go for four minutes is waaaay too long. I liked it, though! I was confused, as to how on earth that boy got a pistol, but I liked it. Nice job! 4/10 IroMiru
I liked the story overall. It was shot great in a few scenes. Even though some did look like you were lagging just a bit. And my only complaint is the very long credits. Was it necessary to have credits almost the length of the film? But overall. I give a 5/10. Hope to see good things from you in the future though. LordCrossfire82



Main Cast
Name Role
EddieScellta Jeff
Ultrazz Dad
haileyn04 Mom
Poppleworks Marcus



The Closet