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The ConFilm Production Corporations of ROBLOX
YouTube Channel ConFilmProductions
Established December 2, 2012
Founder KrisBush15
Owner LordCrossfire82, RuthlessWarbeast, Coollegodude1, Cooltnb123
Notable Films Testament, Redemption

The ConFilm Production Corporations of ROBLOX (ConFilms) or Consolidated Production Corporations is a film company ran by LordCrossfire82, RuthlessWarbeast, Coollegodude1, and Cooltnb123


ConFilms was originally started byKrisBush15, after he had been given The Capcom Company and was unable to properly manage WRS and TCC at the same time. KrisBush15 was later given presidency to The Mafia Films. In order to manage all of these individual groups, Kris merged all of them together, consolidating them into one corporation: ConFilms. To ensure each group leader had enough power, DonCurrency and ThecapcomFreak were given co-ownership of the group and had YouTube Channel access for direct video uploading. The group originally comprised of TMF, TCC, WRS. However, Brisingric expressed interest in joining and Olympus Pictures was added to the roster. However, before finishing The Revolver, Brisingric quit and took the project to Olympus Pictures, removing the ConFilms name.

KrisBush15 secured the rights to create the next 3 Vortex Security Films from Rick Roll'd Productions. Kris made the films under the ConFilms logo. The first of these films, Vortex Security: Mission London, was the first film distributed under ConFilms, but following the poor reception of the film, Rick Roll'd Productions voided the contract and made any films off of them as non-canon, and ConFilms was shut down before any of the other VS films could be distributed, although KrisBush15 stated he had completed VS: Evolution and parts of VS: Final Round.

After a fallout, ThecapcomFreak and TMF also left ConFilms. With the company's three major owners split up, ConFilms was shut down on March 24, 2013. However, on 6/10/2014 WRS Corporation, Crossfire Studios, and Warbeast Films merged together and ConFilms reopened. After later discussion, Lord offered Coollego a co-owning partnership, in which Coollegodude1 then became one of the now 3 shareholders of ConFilms. 11/18/2014 ConFilms gained 2 more shareholders with the mergers of Action Studios, and Ultra Studios. The companies, ran by Cooltnb123 and DlckGraysonBU, decided to bring their corporations into the consolidation. ConFilms has began to grow. With control over 6 different film production corporations. After some argument between DIck and Cooltnb, DIck decided to leave ConFilms, but Action Films was still kept under the ConFilms name.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Series 2011 KrisBush15 Series Released
KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Movie 2011 KrisBush15 Film Released
Gary Bush: The Voul 2011 KrisBush15 Film Released
Gary Bush II: The Rise 2012 KrisBush15 Film Released
Gary Bush III: Dark Days 2013 KrisBush15 Film Released
The Headless Nightmare 2013 KrisBush15 Short Released
Bandon Bush 2013 KrisBush15 Film Lost
Letter to Mother 2014 LordCrossfire82 Short Released
Action Cop (Series) 2014 LordCrossfire82 Series Released
The Headless Nightmare II: "Thou Shall Never Forget" 2014 LordCrossfire82 Short Released
Testament 2015 LordCrossfire82 Short Released
Redemption 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film In-Production
The Fire Knight 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film Upcoming
Army of Brothers 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film Upcoming
Evolutionists 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film Upcoming
Everything Ends; Everything Begins 2016 LordCrossfire82 Short Upcoming