The Dark
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Release Date 12/29/14
Director Spiderboy9
Film Company Nexus Productions
Running Time 2:58
Main Actors Ahache123 and Tokyodrift7
Genre Horror
Movie Rating Rank EC
The Dark is a 2014 short directed by Spiderboy9 and produced by Nexus Productions.


After returning from work, a man encounters a strange being stalking him.


Production began in mid-December 2014 after the cancellation of Umbra. Filming and editing began and ended late December 2014. The film was lost shortly after Spider's retirement.




Its good for your first, but overall it's really nooby. If you wrote the script, you should've set up cutscenes for a smooth camera turn, and the entire thing is kinda cliche. "It's your time." "Time for what?" I already knew what was coming next. Also, why is Robert narrating everything he does? If he wanted food we could've seen that when he went to the fridge :L 5/10. ThecapcomFreak
I'm gonna be honest... this could have been a lot better. The whole short is 3 minutes of clichés. That ending was completely expected. For your first this is good, but overall I didn't like it. 4/10 BATMAN21005
For your first short, it marks your starting point as a director. The flaws of this film come mainly from the dialogue, the way the actors react, no cutscene editor, and lack of color correction makes me give this a 3/10. Good Job so far, Spider. CosimoValuta
Review: The Dark is an impressive debut by actor-turned-director Spiderboy9, however it is limited by minor technical errors and poor staging. Regardless, it exceeds expectations in the current market and if Spiderboy were to utilize the contacts he has within the ROBLOXiwood industry, he may see great success. This short is not of a high standard, but it does make the case that Spiderboy9 has the tools and potential to become one of ROBLOXiwood's biggest directors.
Rating: 5.8/10 
This is really good for your first production. I know how hard it is to start off without any real guidance except seeing other films and creating your own. This short had many errors, such as scenes cutting too quickly and other technical things but those are really small. Keep at it, improve you editing abilities and directing, and you will have more than enough to become one of the best. 4.5/10 Tokyodrift7



Role Actor
Robert Ahache123
Umbra Tokyodrift7


  • The short is based off an old short planned but cancelled by Spiderboy9 entitled Afraid, which later became Umbra which reverted back to this.

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