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The Dark Knight: Knightfall
Knightfall Part 3 Poster by Rick120.png
Poster made by Rick120.
Release Date
March 10, 2014 (Part 1)
July 6, 2014 (Part 2)
December 28, 2014 (Part 3)
Directed By
TheHaIo (baboom12)

The Dark Knight: Knightfall, or The Dark Knight 2, is the official sequel to TheFallen123's The Dark Knight, and was co-directed by OpiterLuciusAgrippa and TheFallen123.Part One was released on March 10, 2014. Part Two was released on July 6, 2014. The final part, Part Three, was released on December 28, 2014 to overall mixed reception.


Three years after the events of The Dark Knight, Danny finds himself struggling to be the Dark Knight, and live his life normally. However, the Crimson Empire has come out of dormancy and their first target is Earth. But when Danny suddenly vanishes from the face of the Earth, a new Dark Knight must be born.


On July 26th, 2013, TheFallen123 announced that there would be a The Dark Knight 2. On January 2, 2014, CosimoValuta returned to write the film. TheFallen123 decided to treat each part as it's own individual movie due to it's runtime, therefore he created posters for each part.

Filming for Part One finished on March 8th, a day before the planned release date. On March 9th, the film was set to be released but had to be pushed back due to technical difficulties with the rendering and audio changes. The silent version was finally released on March 10th, with the voiced version yet to be released. On March 16th, 2014 a teaser poster was released for part two, and on July 6th, part two was released.

On July 19th and 20th, 2014 two teaser posters were released for part three, the final part. Filming for part three began on July 22nd, and was projected to be finished mid-August. This ended up taking longer, into December. The final part was finished editing on the 27th of December, but it took until the 28th to be released due to pixelation issues and long rendering times. 


The reception to The Dark Knight: Knightfall was mixed at best, with opinions coming from opposite ends of the scale. Both sides noted some plot holes, but while some enjoyed the action and the story, others did not as they disliked characters, cliches and the overall look of the film.



Hindered by its length and abundance of cliches, The Dark Knight: Knightfall lacks any sort of depth and offers nothing new to the table. It is not possible to fault Fallen for this, however, as it is clear that throughout his entire filmography, he has never entertained the idea of film as an artform and solely endevours to create loud and adrenalized commercialized products. Fallen has never acted under the pretense of anything else, and therefore he can be at least praised for his intergrity. Knightfall will entertain and thrill a majority of action movie fans. Rating: 4.9/10 Zilex1000
Admist the numerous plot holes, extreme technical issues (there's one shot where thefallen123 goes visible and is obviously seen) and clichéd moments, I am afraid I have to give Knightfall Part 3 a 4.6/10. As a whole, the movie gets a 5.7/10. ThecapcomFreak
I don't usually enjoy most of the action films in the RobloxiWood Community, but TheFallen123 always gets better with his action films for me. With Knightfall part 1 & 2, I wasn't as emotionally attached to the characters, but I actually teared up a little at some parts in this one, this movie looked like it got out of hand at some parts. But overall, I give Knightfall a 7/10 PenguinScribblez
Where do I begin with this one? This film felt like it was one cohesive film at the start, yet it was split into three. I think this benefited the film, however. Where Fallen ended Parts 1 and 2, were so suspense-building that it kept the viewers wanting more, which was a clever marketing tactic. While the film is over 4 hours long (approximately 4hr 19 mins, wow, wasn’t too far off), it definitely doesn’t feel like any of it was wasted. Knightfall should, and will, live on as one of the best ROBLOXiwood action films, sequels and just general classics forever. KNIGHTFALL: PART 3 was the weakest part of the film for me. That's not to say it's a bad piece of work, because it is not by any means, but I felt like Parts 1 and 2 were better. The music, the action sequences, the characters and the storyline were all well done. However, I felt like the script could have used a bit more work and there were a few moments of either cliches or deus ex machina, that I wish had been avoided. All in all, however, this is a very worthy conclusion to The Dark Knight's story, and I'm officially excited for Time Heroes. 8.5/10. Brisingric
While I do think this film is more superior to Hyperblue and in my opinion atleast, not as bad as people are making it out to be. I will not deny this film has some extreme flaws which are hard to go unnoticed. In particular it's subplots, snail-pace pacing and 4 hour running time. I do look forward to Time Heroes as does I believe a lot of us are, Fallen. But for future reference; less is more. 6.5/10 Rick120
While the film sparkles with great sound effects, good quality cinematography, and the action sequences, the plot seems flawed and the slow-pacing of the film and characters's personalities doesn't impact the film or add any emotional empathy.

I also disliked the sequel-bait ending you threw in there. I was looking for a good conclusion in this part, but that just didn't seem to happen. Good, but not great. 7/10

Canadian Infernape
Very nice Fallen. The fight sequences, great sounds effects and the quality was incredible and the ending puts us all in a state of shock and longing for the next part. I liked this part better than the first. I like to see once where bad guys win :) 10/10 Tokyodrift7
I don't usually enjoy most of the action films in the RobloxiWood Community, but TheFallen123 always gets better with his action films for me. With Knightfall part 1 & 2, I wasn't as emotionally attached to the characters, but I actually teared up a little at some parts in this one, this movie looked like it got out of hand at some parts. But overall, I give Knightfall a 7/10. I really enjoyed this one and I can't wait to see other characters in The Time Heroes series. Scribblez Town Productions (PenguinScribblez)


Cast: Part One (in order of appearance)

Major Cast

Actor Role
MekaX Robert Parker
TheHaIo President Jackson
Mathlete97 Sara Parker
TheFallen123/CosimoValuta Danny Parker/The Dark Knight
RayLionHeart Reclaimer
RayLionHeart Death Adder/Niko Woodrow
TheFallen126 Crimson
TheFallen126 Vortex
Mathlete97 Harry
Routess Marco
TheHaIo Chris


Supporting Cast

Actor Role
MekaX Robert Parker
Routess Nightmare
MekaX Dr. Teapot
TheFallen126 Officer Coltin
Xamkor Police Lieutenant
MekaX Drexen
Xamkor Destruction
MekaX Inferno
Xamkor Scion
MekaX Mr. Conroy
Xamkor FBI Director
RayLionHeart Ka-as

CIA Director


  • The graffiti shown in the movie is the logo of one of the actors, MekaX.



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ROBLOX Knightfall Part 2 Silent Version


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