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The House
Theatrical Poster by Rick120
Theatrical Poster by Rick120
Release Date June 19, 2016
Director Rick120
Film Company Rick Roll'd Productions
Running Time 28 Minutes
Main Actors AshtonFearBolt

zPrinceBreezy happysupercooldude99 Kylotarma KingJonas42

Genre Psychological-Horror
Movie Rating Rank I-16.png

The House (2016) is a 2016 Psychological Horror movie and reboot to Harry131291's franchise of the same name . The film had originally been slated with a 2015 release with Harry131291 directing and writing, however after stepping out of the producton, it was taken over by Rick120 in May 2016.

The film was released on June 19, 2016.


In 1963, brothers Arthur and Jacob along with their cousin Ricky end up stranded in a storm which, by chance, causes them to stay in the brother's old residence. With doors and windows borded up and with no help until the following morning, the trio begin to suspect that there may be someone else in the house.


The film was announced with a teaser trailer on August 7th of 2014. A few days later, it was confirmed to be a reboot of the franchise. After a year had gone by, there was no information released, there was an announcement that there would be an update on the movie.

It is unclear what went on during this stage of production-hell however in early 2016, Harry131291 announced his departure from Robloxiwood and as a result held the rights up- which were quickly picked up by director Rick120, who officially began production on the film on May 20, 2016. Production officially wrapped on June 18.

A premiere was held on June 19, 2016. It was later released the same day.


Actor Role
AshtonFearBolt Arthur
zPrinceBreezy Jacob
happysupercooldude99 Ricky
Kylotarma Mary
KingJonas42 Donald


The film had recieved a mixed to positive reception overall, with praise going to the technical aspect of the film, however criticism was directed at the thin script.



I have to say before all else, I enjoyed the movie. Yet, I do have my grievances.

As a whole the movie has a solid story and develops the characters with fill- I mean, successfully. I did find myself trying to figure out who exactly "Arthur" was for half of it, but once I figured it out, it was obvious. The cinematography was excellent, which is to be expect from Rick at this point. My complaints really come in on some of the editing and the horror elements.

The horror elements were done alright, but their existence doesn't really warrant the "horror" title. Besides a few footsteps and Ricky taking a tumble, nothing really stood out as horror/horrific, just uncomfortable or something along those lines. The movie could've easily been called a drama and passed as such.

In fact, I found that the shaking present at the begging of almost every single shot was extremely distracting, and made me wish the movie had been editing regularly rather than with the grain and other effects. There was a mistake in editing in which these effects stopped, and it was like a breath of fresh air. However, they continued, and they were really, really annoying.

On a positive note, I appreciated the nods to the other movies, (as aforementioned) the cinematography, the character development and the story progression... until the ending.


Where the hell did Arthur go? He has absolutely no means of transportation, as we can see he left the car on the scene. While the final scenes are suspenseful and beautifully shot, they raise a lot of questions, questions that aren't answered by the movie. And while that's a good thing sometimes, I don't think it was done all too well here.

In conclusion, I give The House a 8.4/10. A great production, but not mind-blowing like earlier projects by Rick120.

While nowhere near his best film, Rick120's "The House" was still an enjoyable production.

Technical wise this is for sure Rick's best. The cinematography was beautiful and unlike Rick's previous productions, no pixelated or laggy shots. The writing aspect is where things start the fall apart. I feel as though this film wasn't as creepy or as suspenseful as I would like a horror film to be, apart from maybe 2 or 3 scenes, I wasn't really scared or on the edge of my seat.


I also feel like Arthur's psychological distress should have had more of a build up, it just kinda happened. And the ending was one of the most unsatisfying endings I have ever seen. It left many unanswered questions and didn't really make much sense. Like where could Arthur have gone, we saw Ricky left in the car outside the house so Arthur had no means of transportation. Maybe this ending could have been setting up for a sequel but it didn't really feel like a cliff hanger, it just felt like lazy writing.

Despite it's flaws, The House was still an entertaining film that I would watch again. 7/10


Rick120's The House, a reboot of the film series of the same name, is a thought provoking art piece. However, the film suffers from its fair share of issues, such as slow pacing and a confusinf ending. Despite the productions flaws, the overall product invokes beautiful visuals and crazy nostalgia for lovers of classic cinema.

More of a homage to indie films and the works of Alfred Hitchcock, The House still brings something new to the community, and keeps up with other high quality productions.

While it may not compare to the director's recent works such as Transparency and Obligation, The House is an entertaining watch, and definitely does its part for the community by taking a respectful approach to rebooting the popular franchise, which other directors can learn from. The writing, visual approach and final product can only lead me to one conclusion... Batman Approves, 8/10




  • Harry131291 is credited as the producer and Executive Producer on the movie, despite being retired.
  • The film takes alot of influence from The Shining by Stanley Kubrick as well as Tales From The House by Zilex1000.
  • The film has a 70mm Aspect ratio as well as a vintage look, which is done as homage to the horror classics of the 60s and 70s.
  • AlmightyNoob was credited in the movie by accident after the director forgot to remove his name from the credits, which had intended to be a joke.



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