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The Mafia Films
The Mafia Films.png
YouTube Channel UC2qZQlkjuSF-rn-aN_PqcFg
Established September 2009
Founder DonCurrency
Owner DonValuta
Notable Films December 21, 2012: The End of Roblox, Criminal

The Mafia Films (TMF) is a Robloxiwood film studio run by DonValuta that specializes in action and mafioso films.


The Mafia Films was established by DonCurrency in September 2009 to specialize in films that dealt with the mafia and crime syndicates. The company began its first production with Carlo County Outlaws on November 27, 2009. After releasing several more productions, the company began to acquire subsidiary corporations including Zilex1000 Productions, TarrenSky Productions, Popsfootloose949 Studios, and Filming C.O. All subsidiaries were released to form into their own individual corporations in 2012 after KrisBush15 took presidency. The studio became a temporary subsidiary of WRS Studios before being merged into the ConFilm Production Corporations.

On March 30, 2013, The Mafia Films was reopened as an independent film company by CosimoValuta. Soon afterwards, TMF released The Story of The House, and soon began to acquire new subsidiaries including RobloxDC StudiosRobloxMarvel Studios. On July 20th, CosimoValuta transferred ownership to TEDOG1232. After receiving ownership, TEDOG appointed new leaders to TMF which incited a dispute between Cosimo and TEDOG. This resulted in Cosimo being fired from The Mafia Films. Following Cosimo's departure, multiple actions, such as stealing RobloxMarvel Studios and RobloxDC Studios and deleting all films from the group's channel, were taken by him against the new management that made it extremely difficult to continue. The new group administrators met and agreed to shut down the company on July 22, 2014.

Despite Cosimo no longer owning the group, it was later resurrected as a subsidiary of The Neo-Avant Institution on October 6, 2014. Originally planned to co-develop The Maggia with RobloxMarvel Studios, TMF was once again transferred over to ConFilms control on March 21, 2015, before being returned to DonValuta on June 27, 2016 and restructed into an independent company once more.

Company Information

Presidents of TMF
Name Position
DonCurrency 2009-2012
KrisBush15 2012
MisterThrowback 2013
CosimoValuta 2013-2014
TEDOG1232 2014
LordCrossfire82 2015 - 2016
DonValuta 2016 - Present


Name Year Director Type Status
True Bloxx 2009 N/A Series Cancelled
The Hacker Witch Hunt Trials 2009 N/A Film Cancelled
District No0bs 2009 N/A Film Cancelled
SAW vs. HALLOWEEN 2009 N/A Film Cancelled
Bloxogates 2009 N/A Film Cancelled
A Holly Jolly Halloween 2009 N/A Film Cancelled
The 5th Kind 2009 N/A Film Cancelled
Carlo County Outlaws 2009 DonCurrency, RoYeL, Ultrazz Film Lost
The Amazing BLOX 2009 N/A Show Cancelled
BLOXMEN 2009 N/A Film Cancelled
A Blox Tale 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
Why You Should Never Hunt With Billy Roburger 2010 N/A Short Cancelled
The Terrorist Mafia 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
Mafia Shootout 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
The Man In The White Mask 2010 N/A Short Cancelled
The Robloxian-Lazer Collection 2010 N/A Series Cancelled
Zombway: Eat Flesh! 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
Roby's Dream 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
The Blox Dust Casino 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
The Unbloxables 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
The Currency Family 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
Bloxitar 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
Two-and-a-Half Currency 2010 N/A Series Cancelled
S.C.A.R.E Adventures 2010 N/A Series Cancelled
The A-Team 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
When Yellowstone Affects ROBLOX 2010 N/A Film Cancelled
The GodBuilder 2010 DonCurrency Film Cancelled
Vortex Security: The Revolution 2011 DonCurrency Film Cancelled
Royal Movie - 1972 Christmas Mafia 2011 N/A Film Cancelled
December 21, 2012: The End of Roblox 2012 DonCurrency Film Lost
Bloxpolation 2012 N/A Film Cancelled
Untitled Mother's & Father's Day Short 2012 N/A Short Cancelled
Untitled Independence Day Short 2012 N/A Short Cancelled
The Killing Joke 2012 DonCurrency Short Released
FlashForward: Robloxia 2012 N/A Series Cancelled
Rise of The Planet of The Gravy 2012 N/A Short Cancelled
The Rohemian Club 2012 DonCurrency Film Lost
Don & Happy's Ro-S@#t 2012 N/A Series Cancelled
Why The Easter Bunny Never Visits Uganda 2012 DonCurrency Film Lost
Untitled Christmas Short 2012 N/A Short Cancelled
Robloxia's Darkness 2012 N/A Film Cancelled
Don vs. The World 2012 N/A Show Cancelled
Real Time With DonCurrency 2012 DonCurrency Show Cancelled
The Robloxian Revolution 2012 N/A Film Cancelled
The Currency Empire 2012 N/A Film Cancelled
When The War Began At Dawn 2012 N/A Film Cancelled
Revengance 2012 DonCurrency, Revenger123 Film Cancelled
The Story of The House 2013 CosimoValuta Film Released
December 21, 2012: Robloxia Dystopia 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
December 21, 2012: The End of The End of Roblox 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
The Heist 2013 CosimoValuta Film Lost
Ant-Man 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
Untitled Lortex Security Film 2014 N/A Film Cancelled
The Legend of Lu 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
Mike Hike: Fire Ignited 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
The Fire Knight Rises 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
Man of Heaven 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
Untitled VCU Film 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
Kris Bush: Action Cop 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
Guardians of The Presidency 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
The Astral Corps 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
The Directors 2013 N/A Film Cancelled
The Mafia Saga 2013 N/A Movie Series Cancelled
An Ordinary Job Interview 2014 CosimoValuta Film Lost
Pure Red Love: No White Or Blue 2014 CosimoValuta Short Lost
The Don of Currency 2014 N/A Film Cancelled
PayDay For You and Me 2014 CosimoValuta Film Released
Criminal 2014 CosimoValuta Film Released
Assortments (Series) 2014 CosimoValuta Series Cancelled


Name Year Company Notes Type
The Story of The House 2013 Vexant Inc. Story Film
The Heist 2013 Warships Pictures Guest Director Film
PayDay For You and Me 2014 Vexant Inc. Story Film
Criminal 2014 Neverwakening Productions Story Film