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The ROBLOXiwood Supercut: Capcom's Introspective and Morally Absurd Odyssey
Release Date 2016
Director ThecapcomFreak, AlmightyNoob
Film Company N/A
Running Time 15 mins. (est.)
Main Actors AlmightyNoob, ThecapcomFreak
Genre Comedy, Satire
Movie Rating Rank I-16.png

The ROBLOXiwood Supercut: Capcom's Introspective and Morally Absurd Odyssey is a 2016 satire short film, directed and produced by ThecapcomFreak, and co-directed by AlmightyNoob. It is a compilation of several shorts on ThecapcomFreak's secondary channel.

The supercut consists of five shorts: A Fight in the NWP HQ, ROBLOXiwood: The Nature of Pensive Introspection and Color Correction, i am playing the victim card in this video, ROBLOXiwood: Death is a Form of Mercy™, and ROBLOXiwood Court.


Over the course of several days, ThecapcomFreak attempts to remedy his suicidal tendencies and remedy rising dissent in his Headquarters. However, after repeated attempts at suicide, the situation gets out of hand, and Cap finds himself as the Judge of ROBLOXiwood Court.


Production for The ROBLOXiwood Supercut: Capcom's Introspective and Morally Absurd Odyssey began shortly after a series of rants and insults were posted on Twitter and soon YouTube. The shorts were made to make light of the situation, with Capcom stating "anything you say that causes drama will be subject to the highest memery there is".

On August 15th, 2016, ThecapcomFreak released the official poster for The ROBLOXiwood Supercut: Capcom's Introspective and Morally Absurd Odyssey, stating "think about the memeing of the poster."


Reception to the series has been generally positive.


Main Cast
Actor Role
ThecapcomFreak Himself
AlmightyNoob Every Other Character


  • The series largely parodies the Wikia drama that began in July. 
  • The series satirizes defining features of each community member, with ThecapcomFreak satirizing his own depressive tendencies.