The Unknown Productions
YouTube Channel Unknown
Established 2014
Founder Coollegodude1
Owner Coollegodude1
Notable Films The Closet, Dreamer

The Unknown Productions (TUP) is a film company run by Coollegodude1 with BATMAN21005 as the Vice President.


The Unknown Productions was founded by Coollegodude1 in late 2014. It was originally planned for the company to produce only Sci-Fi films. Their debut short, Alone, was released on December 5, 2014 to a mixed reception.

At the premiere for Alone, Cool announced his next project, Captain's Log. Originally Captain's Log was to be created by Poppleworks, but Pops left ROBLOX, leaving Cool alone with the Project. Cool became stuck in the project and asked Routess to help with the script. When Pops returned to ROBLOX, he became a writer as well. They were getting little to nothing done, and a month later, Ultrazz was added to the team of writers. By then, the plot for the film had changed to a WWII film. Soon after, the film was cancelled. Cool announced his next project, The Closet, a drama short based around a gay teenage boy who attempts to come out to his parents.

After many re-writes, The Closet started production. It was released on April 25, 2015 to mixed reviews. At the premiere for The Closet, Cool announced his upcoming productions, Stonecreek and Donut Cops.

Company Information

Merged Companies Former Owner
Mayhem Entertainment BATMAN21005


Name Year Director Type Status
Alone 2014 Coollegodude1 Short Released
The Closet 2015 Coollegodude1 Short Released
Dreamer 2015 Coollegodude1 Short Released
Stonecreek 2015 Coollegodude1 Film Hiatus
Henry Elliot's Body 2016 Coollegodude1 Short Released
Captain's Log N/A Coollegodude1, Poppleworks Film Cancelled


Name Year Company Type Status
Tears of a Clown 2016 241 Films Short Upcoming
Human 2016 241 Films Film Upcoming
Untitled Film 2016 241 Films Film Upcoming
Donut Cops 2016 241 Films Short Upcoming
Hello 2015 Grayscale Productions Film Cancelled
Justice League Divided 2016 Mayhem Entertainment Film Upcoming
Definitions 2016 N/A Film Upcoming
Aiden Zayne: Absolution 2017 Wit Films Film Upcoming