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The Unstoppables
Release Date
December 14, 2016
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The Unstoppables is a 2016 superhero film directed, written, and produced by Jackiepwners.


In a small town, a strict school's confiscated items are driven to a lab to be used for a project. But when three teenagers, Johnny, Gwen, and Aiden, attempt to take back their items, something goes wrong in the lab and the three are given powers. When they escape the lab, they accidentally let out a threatening subject into their town.


Jackiepwners and two friends helped started writing the script for The Unstoppables in April to August 2016 after he acquired Sony Vegas to help him edit his films. Jackie started filming on October 18, 2016. The film was released in December 14, 2016.


'The Unstoppables' gained mixed reviews, pointing out cinematography and being predictable. On the other side, it gained positive reception pointing out improvements from previous projects.



Alright, so I finished watching this and I have to say: this might be one of the worst debuts I've seen. From abhorrent jokes to Days of Future Past ripoffs, it's not real good.The dialogue is so ineffably bad and unfunny that at the 8 minute mark I was asking myself if it was over. But I'd hate to be "that guy" that just rambles on negatively, so I'll try to be constructive. The plot doesn't make any sense at all. First, the students lose their things. Why? What could a lab--a professional one at that--want from what seems to be middle school kids? I can only ascribe the actions of the characters in this to middle school children, because their actions are so incomprehensibly stupid. Gee, sneak into a lab? Drink out of a cup that clearly has chemicals in it? All to get your phone back? Is your IQ 25? Then, after they all establish themselves as idiots and get their powers, the SWAT team comes, asks them to surrender--but gives them no time to respond--and just opens fire. And somehow, they dodge the bullets coming from 20 something assault rifles, then proceed to kill everybody. Everybody. And they ask if they're going to get in trouble for killing everyone--for Gwen to say "it was self defense." It's not self defense when you trespass and kill everybody inside! Not to mention some of the minor parts, such as when the gas station blows up and the civilians start screaming vehemently--but why? They're not near the gas station. They just start screaming. And screaming. And the dialogue, oh God, the dialogue! Some particularly bad choices are: "I have a suspicion" and "Never before have I seen a gas station explode!" No, seriously, who has? The cinematography was bad, but honestly it doesn't matter that much. The only reason I mentioned it at all is because of how bad it actually is. It gives you a headache. And the biggest problem this movie has is how unoriginal it is. This is the most predictable plot on the face of the planet--besides the parts that don't make any sense whatsoever. Overall, I'm feeling a very light three for this one. Somekiryu
On a positive note, the cinematography, although for a majority was confusing to the eyes, at times had potential to be really cool shots. But the constant and unnecessary pans and tracking shots took me out of the scene that I was trying to get into. Tacked on with walls of dialogue that included details that didn't need to be spoken, but could've been elaborated upon through simple actions of the characters. For example, when the guard laid on the ground bleeding out, he spoke about how he wondered if the shooting stopped. You could've simply had him stand and look confused, or maybe even concerned. Now onto the action. The action for the most part was... pretty fuckin cool. I liked the final battle scene, and the stop motion used. However, there were times where it didn't make sense, and that's one thing that goes into making an action scene. You don't have to just make it look cool, you gotta put logic into it as well. For example, when Aiden first discovered his powers. He threw, I repeat, THREW a rock at super speed towards the guard's face. And not only, did he survive, he fuckin' spoke--coherently! In real life that would've knocked someone unconscious at the least. At the most, that's permanent brain trauma, or even death. So next time you do your action scenes, you got to remember that it's the real world also, and that people don't just survive things like that. But Adam hit the right spots, work on your cinematography, your dialogue, and overall the story, and you'll be good to go. I'm feeling a 3.5/10. Endpoint
To be honest, this actually is kind of an improvement since your massive messup with the Golden Blaze.. You've improved really well, and I'm proud of that. I know there is alot of problems with the scenes and how the cinematography is a mix, and I like how you had alot of cool fight scenes into this, but you should make this a bit more realistic. Not bad for a starter but here's my rate. 8.7/10 Jackson Pelson (Youtube)
Wow, okay. You've succeeded in improving your content and I love this. Being the writer myself, I should've changed the story up a bit. We were in 4th grade when we made this homemade comic called 'The Unstoppables' and we worked together to make a story. I know it's for fun, but we were young. I really think you should've changed up the script instead of following the comic book all the way, but on the other side, this was great. I FREAKING LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK! I like Gwen though, she's a great character. Soothing, calm, but wise after being mind-wised by the orb. So, like Jackson, your other real life friend, this was good. Here's my score Jackie!! 9/10 MouthMathonMichael (MMM) (Youtube)
I loved the movie, the action and many more And I felt like the characters developed time on time and with that QuickSilver reference that movie screamed for a 7.5 out of 10. Zuyikuu
For a debut film, It's not bad but I have a lot of things to say. The soundtrack is ripped straight from marvel movies from the past couple years, I would've liked it if you found something more underused. The writing was bad and very predictable as stated in other reviews, there are words spelled wrong and some names being wrong for the characters. I would given this film 6 months or more to be developed. Video quality is okay,it's not like I can do better as a beginner film maker myself. Some scenes were alright but it could've been executed better like the scene with the guard and the super speed, That scene could've not have been ripped off of X-men days of future past with the music. Cinematography and animations were alright, some shots could've been smoother. As stated before the writing was bad, the main plot sounds like it was written by a 10 year old. In conclusion "ROBLOX: The Unstoppables" isn't a bad film, but if more effort was put into it then it would been a great film.

I give this film a 4.5/10

For a Debut Film, this is actually pretty good. I enjoyed the storyline but I feel as if the film was a little rushed, the dialogue was okay, but there were some moments where some lines were unnecessary or un-needed. The cinematography was okay, but I feel as if though you overdid it a little bit. The stopmotion was good too, but there were some parts where the stopmotion made the scene look "choppy". To make up for this, I noticed that you wisely used the approach of green screen effect, which is good. I didn't really notice any spelling errors, but the grammar in some cases, was incorrect, and if you'd have spent more time editing, this would've been a decent film. I feel as though some parts just put me off where it should've hooked me in. Don't Rush. Take as much time as you need editing. This film is decent, but it could've been better. I give it a solid 4/10 Armyperson557



Main Cast
Actor Role
jackiepwners Johnny
colbypwners Gwen
pantherblackfire Aiden
bobbypwners Demonic Subject


  • The film is based off homemade comic books Jackie wrote.
  • The film will be Jackie's directorial debut film.



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