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The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided
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Release Date
March 22, 2017
Directed By


31 mins.

The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided is an 2017 superhero film directed, written, and produced by Jackiepwners.


Months after Aiden's departure from the team, The Unstoppables are now part of an elite unit under the Canadian government, protecting the world from the dangers that lie. When a crucial decision is made by Prime Minister Stevenson to shut down the unit in an attempt to utilize elite new soldiers, The Unstoppables must decide between resistance or retirement. When an incident sends The Unstoppables on the run, they find themselves as targets of an elite death squadron, led by a dangerous individual.


Jackie decided to make a sequel to The Unstoppables after a 3 week break, after the release of The Unstoppables. Filming began on January 4th, 2017, and was completed and uploaded on March 22.


The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided gained mostly positive reviews, praising the improvements and story. But some criticized the film having to be cliche, and 'not as good as the first one'.



I had risked my entire morning from 8 am just to watch this ground-breaking dying-for tale of improvements, The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided. Let's start with the story: They've been excused from a hostage situation? (I love the heli view, it's realistic) Too bad! They're bad (censored) and they broke the rules! I'm really glad you took advice from your first movie and improved your skills by adapting to them. (Cough cough no more pan shots!) I actually thought it was cliche that they save everyone and yay yay yay but NOPE. A BOMB?! Kaboom. They get blamed, then the Prime Minister tells them to stand down forever and not help because a new.. deadly task force uprises to his command. Mystic, from Zuyikuu Productions is an amazing character with high development but hints at some memories of him saving his son, Taro from 3 gods. Gwen seems to have calmed his creepy-like attitude and break him into being the calm guy, like Jean Grey calming down Wolverine. The rest is history to you, Jackie! and btw, I loved it when 'he' came back. The after credits got me shook :o Here's my score you awesome mother (censored)! 8.5/10 MouthMathonMichael (MMM) (Youtube)
GWEN, YOU ALWAYS SAVE THE DAY! I LOVE HER CHARACTER!!! I'm sorry but this is unbelievable one of the best films I've ever seen you make, Jackie. From Grade 5 doing video projects, to now, making films that should be in the CINEPLEX! Top notch action happens alot in the film but I think you could've took your time and added more scenes to the film to support some because I started drifting off story, but overall you very much improved on this. No more repetitive panning shots, and you matched the aspect ratio output, stretching to the screen! Unbelievable! You're improving very much and you have high expectations form me in the future. 8.9/10 Jackson Pelson (Youtube)
The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided is once again a good movie, but not as good as the first one. Ima talk about the pros first,There is a fantastic scene involving mystic in the film, i thought that scene was very well made. Second positive, the cinematography is great. Final, all the characters are really good,EVEN THE PRIME MINISTER IN THIS FILM IS GOOD! My issues with this film is i think that it should've came out at least early june or may. But other than that i had a blast with this movie, it's not as good as the first one but it's still entertaining. Im gonna give this a 7.8/10 Arrow1553
For a film that was made in three months, Mad (censored) props. The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided is great improvement over the first film. I find it weird that I didn't really see actual players doing the movements. The first encounter with Mystic was kinda anticlimactic. The extremist group "Anti Justice" could've had a better more in depth name. Dialogue was fine, better written than the previous film. I liked the ending considering it left me on a cliffhanger, soundtrack was alright. The music was fitting at some points. I didn't like that you used the song when Aiden comes from the first movie. The Marvel/DC references were okay but can get annoying. Overall I give "The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided" an 8/10 -Dare102102 (P.S I am looking forward to the next movie, even more if it has time and effort poured into it.) Dare102102



Main Cast

Actor Role
Zuyikuu Johnny
Didikong23 Billy
WhatLolz Gwen
Bobbypwners Prime Minister Harold Stevenson
Colbypwners The Mystic
Gamemaster387 Aiden


  • The film will not be related to the homemade comic book, where they all die.
  • This is Jackie's first film featuring a character licensed from Zuyikuu Productions, The Mystic.
  • A scene in the film will have major foreshadowing, showing the future of the UCU. (Unstoppables Cintematic Universe)



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