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The Weight
The YouTube thumbnail for the short, depicting Adam riding the bus.
The YouTube thumbnail for the short, depicting Adam riding the bus.
Release Date June 19, 2015 (original)

August 12, 2016 (reupload)

Creator Brisingric
YouTube Channel ROBLOXAltitude
Main Actors Brisingric, Routess
Genre Drama
Movie Rating Rank M.png

The Weight is a 2015 short written and directed by Brisingric.


Adam waits for the school day to be over so he can do something he's been waiting to do.


Name Role
Brisingric Adam
Routess Adam's Mom


On June 16, Brisingric had the idea to create a short about one of the facets of an issue he's closely dealt with, and so he began script writing. He finished it the following day, in the early hours of June 17. He began filming that day. Filming was completed on June 18th, and editing was completed the following day at around 1am. It was released on June 19, 2015.


The movie had mixed reception.



This movie had very good detail, and so little dialog, and I admit, less dialog, more detail, looks great on this short. I have to say the the lunch scene was done correctly but, this was in a high school. No drinks were allowed in it therefore I have to apply my real life to this short, so sorry. I like how the audio played in all scenes because it was awesome and very good. I have nothing else to say but wow. I will give this short a 8/10 because of what I said "No drinks were allowed in my school." buddbudd222
I kinda agree with Mike, when I watched this short, I really don't know why he was so depressed since it was never explained. Great short though, although the camera movements with the mom was a little eehhh I give this 8/10. Axel Roblox
The short was neat! Though, I agree with the ratings. The organization of the short was slightly out of hand. Also, I did not quite get why he was upset, nor what he was upset about. However, the graphics were great. Also, the genre fit into the plot. 7.5/10. Juzzy4
It was alright. The use of sound effects throughout the short I enjoyed, even though the last scream scared the behebers outta me. I still liked it. Although, I was left not to understand why he went to such drastic measures in the end. We were never told why he felt this way, we were never told why he was crying in the beginning. From what I say, he had a pretty decent life. He had people who cared about him (Tammy) when she asked if he was okay, and reassured to make sure even when he pushed her away, and and loving mother who cared a lot about him. If there's more to it I'm not sure, it seems like he was out casting himself rather than others out casting him. Overall I rate this a 7.2/10. Routess
That was a nice short. There were some technical issues like how I could see the mouse in the starting. Near the end where the camera was following the mom, it looked a bit choppy. I liked how there was little dialog, it felt nice. The cinematography was good for the most part and I loved the color correction. The short had a really nice score. I was a bit confused to how old the characters are because, at first I assumed they were teenagers but in the class they were teaching them kindergarten math. And if they are that young then the dialog doesn't really fit. Overall though, nice short. 7/10 Coollegodude1
It was a good message and a good short, the sound effects were honestly a bit nooby though, same with the character design, and I don't know why but just watching the short puts me in a weird, bad mood. 6.5/10. Spiderboy9
Safe to say, one of your best films so far. The sound effects were amazing. I did find the story kind of boring honestly.. Their was barely any dialogue and no character development really.. All I could tell was that he is depressed and suicidal. Overall I rate this 6/10. Godsavenger



  • The two songs Adam listens to with his headphones are "The Weight" by Shawn Mendes and "See You Again" by Charlie Puth.
  • The title of the short comes from the song of the same name by Shawn Mendes.
  • As the short goes on, the color scheme differs. In the first scene, it's very dark. In the school scenes, it's very blue. By the end of the short, it's red. This is to symbolize the type of emotions going through Adam's head during the short.
  • This is technically the first official production released under the Grayscale Productions name.
  • All of the instrumental music comes from the Gone Girl soundtrack.
  • A minor change from the original short, in the reuploaded version dated August 12, 2016, was that there was originally a quote at the end of the short. This quote has been removed, and the credits extended.



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