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Through Frosted Glass
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Release Date May 11, 2013
Director Zilex1000
Film Company Zilex1000 Productions
Running Time 30:08
Main Actors Rachelmay1, TimPookie, Taragamer36 and Mum40535
Genre Murder Mystery, Thriller
Movie Rating Rank EC.png

Through Frosted Glass  is the third film by Zilex1000. It was released on May 11th, 2013 and distributed by Zilex1000 Productions.


Teresa Gray, a normal working woman of the 1950s, has her comfortable life brutally ripped away from her when a man falls to his death from her apartment. Soon, she finds herself in a tangled web of secrets, blackmail and murder. And into this colorful life comes a man who promises he can help her, but has a sinister agenda that drives Teresa to believe him of being a murderer.


The film was planned soon after the release of Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace. The concept of Through Frosted Glass came into fruition when Zilex began to play with the genre of film noir. Production initially commenced November 21st with a completely different premise. However, Zilex was not happy with what he was getting and rewrote the script. It was refilmed and released on the 11th of May, 2013.


The film received positive reviews from critics.  



I take you as a role model in the filming industry. This film had everything. A great plot, quality filming and editing, great lighting, wonderful costumes and plots. Great job. 10/10. I would love to be part of one of these next time you are making a film. GREAT JOB! arrxfilms
There is a reason why Through Frosted Glass has won 10 awards, and is claimed as one of the best films released by a ROBLOXiwooder, it's because it is. Just about everything in the movie comes together so well to form this timeless masterpiece. With the averaging out of the 4 scores, the final overall rating I give Through Frosted Glass is: 8.85/10. AlmightyNoob
The camera movement was outstanding. To get a 10/10, would be to have voice acting but it's understandable on why you didn't have it. 8/10 IceIsSpy



Actor Role
Rachelmay1 Teresa Gray
TimPookie Officer Grant
Taragamer36 Barbra Kingsley
Superpenguin55 The Officer


  • Brisingric was originally supposed to play Officer Grant and Coollegodude1 was originally suppposed to play the Officer, but they were both replaced because they had starring roles in other films made by Zilex.
  • Teresa's (Rachelmay1) costumes get darker in color as the film goes on. Green is also presented as the color to symbolize Grant.
  • The film deprives it's name from the line said by Grant when he is talking about how Frank Dwight died                 "[Frank Dwight]..fell to his death through the frosted glass of your apartment window."
  • The violence and language in the film had to be toned down significantly to avoid the PG 13 rating the film was bordering on.
  • The film was originally supposed to be released on May 10th, but Zilex's internet was knocked out and he could not upload it at the right time, so he released it the following day instead.
  • The film is dedicated to four people: Rachelmay1, DonCurrency, thecapcomFreak and Superpenguin55


2013 BLOX Awards

Award Awarded to...
Best Actress in a Leading Role Rachelmay1
Best Production Design Zilex1000

2013 Golden Noob Awards

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Dramatic Picture Zilex1000 Won
Best Actor in a Leading Role Superpenguin55 Won
Best Actress in a Leading Role Rachelmay1 Nominated
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Taragamer36 Won by default
Best Use of Cinematography/Best Directing Zilex1000 Won
Picture of the Year Zilex1000 Won
Actor of the Year Superpenguin55 Won
Actress of the Year Rachelmay1 Won
Actress of the Year Taragamer36 Nominated



Through Frosted Glass (2013) - FULL MOVIE

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