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Time Heroes Cinematic Universe

The Time Heroes Cinematic Universe (also known as THCU) is a franchise of superhero films directed by Endpoint, Rick120, BenIsLegit, Wholesaleryan56, and Jackiepwners, that are distributed by Stopmotion101 Studios. It began in 2012 and is due to complete in 2019. Several major properties of the universe were rebooted.


Become immersed into a universe where super-powered beings roam the Earth —some in hiding, some in plain sight. A universe where the human race faces extinction at the hands of a galactic alien armada. A universe where vigilantes roam the night protecting the streets and the innocents. Where otherworldly beings rage war with each other, and where the government hides an entire secret war from the public.

A universe where heroes from different eras gather together to fight a monstrosity.

Production History

Production of Time Heroes began with Endpoint's original Moon Wars series in 2010.

It wasn't until Endpoint was many productions in where he realized many plot holes and faults within the main storyline of the universe. As a result, the universe was rebooted upon the release of The Renegade. Since its release, it has had several of its films rebooted in order to tell a better —and more fitting story.

In addition to the rebooted films, other films were created as well to introduce new characters into the universe, and to add to the overall story as well. There have also been spin-off films such as Hostage and Fallen Kingdom in order to provide background behind many characters and important plot lines in the major films.

The universe is currently in production and is not expected to finish until late 2019 with the release of its final film, Time Heroes.


Reception to the franchise has been positive, with the minor plot holes serving as examples of criticism.


 Original Non-Canon Franchise

Name Year Director Type Status
Moon Wars 2010 Endpoint Film Completed
Moon Wars: Revenge of the Zombie King 2011 Endpoint Film Completed
Moon Wars: The Evolved 2011 Endpoint Film Completed
Moon Wars: Return of the Zombie Prince 2012 Endpoint Film Completed
Moon Wars: Zombie Planet 2012 Endpoint Film Completed
War for Robloxia 2012 Endpoint Series Cancelled
The Dark Knight 2012 Endpoint Film Completed
Hyperblue 2013 Endpoint Film Completed
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 Endpoint Film Completed
Blind Justice 2015 Endpoint Film Completed
Aftermath 2015 Endpoint Short Completed
Revelations 2015 Endpoint Short Completed

Canonical Franchise (In Chronological Order)

Name Year Director Type Status Canonical Date
Fallen Kingdom 2019 Endpoint Film Released 1945
The Trinity 2019 Jackiepwners Short Film In-Production 1950
Frost 2015 Endpoint Series Completed 1953
Ember 2016 Endpoint Short Film Completed 1963
Rattle 2019 Wholesaleryan56 Film Upcoming 1970
The Dark Knight: Genesis 2019 Jackiepwners Short Completed 2010
The Dark Knight: Apocalypse 2016-17 Endpoint Film Completed 2014
Hostage 2019 Wholesaleryan56 Film Completed 2016
Blind Justice 2018 Endpoint Film Completed 2017
The Renegade 2015 Endpoint Film Completed 2017
Injustice 2017-2019 Raven_Akira, BenIsLegit Film In-Production 2018
Injustice: Armageddon 2019 BenIsLegit Film Upcoming 2018
Synods (Moon Wars Reboot) 2017-18 Endpoint Film Completed 2025
Moon Wars: Aftermath 2018 Endpoint Short Completed 2026
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier 2016 Endpoint Film Completed 2045
Time Heroes 2019 Endpoint Film Upcoming 2047

Almost every film has been rebooted to revamp the story and fix plot holes.