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May 4, 2011
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Dark Hex Studios
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Sci-Fi, Drama

Tokyodrift7 is a Robloxiwood actor and director. He made his directorial debut with The Dominus series.


Tokyo first joined ROBLOX in the summer of 2010 on a friend's account. Tokyodrift7 was created on May 4, 2011. Tokyo started out doing gaming videos and sci-fi video game machinimas. After his first Youtube account was deleted for copyright strikes, he focused on ROBLOX gaming videos. Around 2012, Tokyo started doing short ROBLOX Machinimas and gameplays, which received positive reviews. The new channel was also taken down, which caused Tokyo to quit ROBLOX for a while until early to mid-2013. In late 2013, Tokyo joined Neverwakening Productions as an actor, and after acting in a series of films, Tokyo began his directorial debut with The Dominus series.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
The Dominus 2014 Tokyodrift7 Series Released
300: The Fall 2014 Tokyodrift7 Film Delayed
Rachel 2014 Tokyodrift7 Short Released
Riyira Revelations 2014 Tokyodrift7 Film Cancelled
Cryptic (Series) 2014 Tokyodrift7 Series Released
Sub Zero 2015 Tokyodrift7 Film In-Production
Nerco 2015 Tokyodrift7 Series Released
Project Uchiha 2015 Tokyodrift7 Short Released
Remnants Of Old 2015 Tokyodrift7 Film In-Production
Shayde 2016 Tokyodrift7 Film In-Production

Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
PayDay For You and Me 2014 ██████████ Film Extra Lost
The Patriot 2014 Zanderman222 Series Dr. Hanabe Cancelled
The Adventures of Ted and Zander 2014 TEDOG1232 Series Tokyo Jitsu Cancelled
Rocky 2014 TEDOG1232 Film Paulie Peppino In-Production
Murder 2014 JohnCena2305alt1 Film Kurt Woods In-Production
Criminal 2014 ██████████ Film Jay Lost
Proximity 2014 Supergoko98 Short Hunter #3 Cancelled
Scope: Days Worth 2014 Moses747 Film James Cancelled
Darkvalk: Dissonance 2014 ThecapcomFreak Series Extra Lost
Clans: Wartorn 2014 Routess Series Alexander In-Production
Identity 2014 Olliekins Film Derek Cancelled
Batman 2014 Routess Film Jason Todd/Robin Released
Avenge (Reboot) 2014 ██████████ Short Extra Released

Awards & Nominations

2014 BLOX Awards

Award Awarded to... Results Work
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Tokyodrift7 as Jason Todd/Robin Nominated Batman
Best Series Nominated Tokyodrift7 The Dominus