Release Date
January 18, 2017
Directed By
Written By
38 Minutes

Transgression is a dialouge-based journalist drama written and directed by Rick120

The film has been in-production completely under wraps since September 2016, and was released on January 18, 2017.


Markus Stapleton, CEO of a universally praised magazine company, is thrown into the event of the decade- after suspecting a former co-worker of leaking and having publishing private information of his personal life in his own magazine, putting his family and his own life as risk.


Production on the film began in September 2016, with writing complete after two days, filming commances on September 19, and had been expected to wrap in October. However commitments to his other current production Injustice as well as plans for Octoberfest during that time, the film was left on the backburner as a side project.

Progress stopped until the end of November, after Rick began losing motivation to do his current productions, deciding to focus on Transgression instead. In December, production was back in full swing, filming is expected to wrap in mid-January 2017, with the film originally planned for release in early February, however production wrapped early on January 17.

The film was released the following day.


Review Reviewers
Rick120 directed this film PERFECTLY, He did such a good job on Transgression. This is really good by the way, i loved the characters and the cinematography is great, this is one of Rick120's best looking films. Overall this is a another great film. Can't wait for injustice. Transgression Gets a 9.5/10 Arrow1553
Transgression to me is a full-studio made project by Rick, showing a small story about a man who releases private information in a magazine by mistake. The idea of making an entire movie in studio is something I would do. xD But it actually helps you, with opportunities of having time, and actors not needing to mess up. Rick has done well on making the film. Now for the story, it is absolutely fascinating and interesting, with lots of minor characters having the appearance of known ROBLOXiwood-ers, heheh. The music you chose actually fits with the film at most times, but I think you could've done better than that, heh. The ending when it shows the characters and them thinking about eachother, the aftermath, the end, I love it. Overall in my opinion, without SOMEBODY bashing MY opinion and review, I give this an 8.5/10. Cheers, Ricky! JackiePwners


Main Cast

Main Cast
Actor Role
Coollegodude1 Markus "Mark" Stapleton
Funnymellow171 Sylvia Fletch
ZPrinceBreezy Jordan El-Harriot
JennaWishes Eve Gordon-Stapleton
AlmightyNoob Aaron Stapleton
Kylotarma Daisy Lane
Rick120 Mathis Nicholson


  • The movie was entirely done in studio, similar to one of Rick120's previous productions, Transition.
  • Even though the film doesn't really star actors, Rick gave credits to people he believed deserved it.


Transgression Full Movie
Transgression Full Movie
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