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Release Date
October 15, 2014
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27 Minutes

Transition is a 2014 autobiography film, directed and written by Rick120. The film follows Rick as he tries to cope with several difficult incidents during the production of Dream Clouds. The film was released on October 15, 2014 at Octoberfest 2014.


The film covers the real life events of Rick120 (the film's director) during the production of Dream Clouds, from February to June 2014, where he goes through several difficult situations. and ultimately begins to lose himself in the process.


The film was made in complete secrecy from other people. Production began on October 9, 2014 and ending on October 14. No actors were used in the production, Rick instead opted to use models and himself as an actor.

Rick announced the movie at the 2014 Octoberfest on October 14th, the last day of production. He stated that the film is an autobiography about him during the stressful days during the making of currently canned project Dream Clouds.

Rick stated at the event: "I don't care about the reviews, I simply want people to understand me a little bit more, that is the sole purpose of this production- it's not a movie, it's the truth!"


The movie received an overwhelmingly positive reception, with praises going to the soundtrack, the color correction, use of archive footage and the style in which the film was made. The film recieved minor criticism for some editing errors. 

At the time of release, it was Rick120's highest rated film and most critically acclaimed.

Reviews Reviewers
This film is powerful. It shows director Rick120 at both his worst and his best, which definitely adds to the intended nature of the film. It draws you in and doesn't let you go till the credits roll. The decision to keep it secret and do it by himself was, in my opinion, the best one. Everything was either perfect or nearly perfect. This is one of my favorite films of 2014- no, wait, one of my favorite films in ROBLOXiwood. 10/10. Olliekins
What a wild ride. The first ROBLOX movie in a very long time to make me feel anything. My emotions went from rage, to sadness, to inspiration, to happiness. I am glad to have Rick120 as a friend and I hope he sticks around and continues to make brilliant movies for years to come. 10/10.  ThecapcomFreak
Loving the soundtrack! The sound really does help add to each moment and scene. Not only that, but this film really is good at two things - one, explaining the events from your point of view, clearing up missing details and two, giving us a film that uses stop-motion, cinematography, and c-framing excellently. I wish I had more to say but, this film speaks for itself - a masterpiece in all. 9.5/10. Tokyodrift7
This is a lovely film. It's just beautiful in so many ways, but the music and sound effects mixed into this was exceptionally great in my opinion. I really enjoyed Transition, and definitely one of my favourite films. 9.5/10. Superpenguin55
I usually don't watch a 30 minute roblox video, but this was fantastic, loved it 9.5/10 Ternous
I didn't know what to expect going into the film, and while 1 shot in particular wasn't cropped perfectly, I was astonished at how amazing this autobiographical film was. It was hands down the best film from Rick120. Perfect color correction, acting, ingenious use of archival filming footage, and overall, a deeper look into a string of events at Rick Roll'd Productions that the other directors had ignored until now. Hands down this was a 9/10. CosimoValuta
Great film, great cinematography, and great writing. There were some errors like it got pixelated at times and once I could see the player list. Great job though, 8/10. Coollegodude1



  • It is the second biopic film made by Rick120 (first being Currency), despite him insisting that he would never make another one again.
  • The film does not feature any actors, but mainly Rick120 himself - as it mainly features basic stop motion using character models.
  • It features a reconstructed video of Mastergyrooman's video as well as real life conversations involving himself, Madformerspro and another friend of theirs, who currently isn't on Roblox.
  • After the release of Transition, Mastergyrooman25 was blacklisted from Robloxiwood for his appalling actions and trama he inflicted onto the community.

Awards and Nominations

2014 Octoberfest Film Festival
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Picture Rick120 Nominated
Best Director Rick120 Won
Best Cinematography Rick120 Nominated
Best Film Editing Rick120 Nominated
Best Storyline Rick120 Nominated
Best Screenplay Rick120 Won
2014 Golden Noob Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Dramatic Picture Rick120 Nominated
Best Use of Video Effects Rick120 Nominated
Best Use of Cinematography Rick120 Nominated



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