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Release Date
August 25, 2015
Directed By
58 mins.

Transparency is a 2015 British-American Crime film, written and directed by Rick120. The film follows a fictional crime case, which had a few inspirations from a number of, both real life and other fictional cases, such as Jack the Ripper and The Origami Killer from Heavy Rain.

The film was released on August 25, 2015.


Detective Harris Godfrey's past comes back to haunt him when he's called to a quiet countryside town to investigate the deaths of two civilians, suspected to be as part of a century-old spree of killings of, who is only described as 'The Phantom Killer'.

Production History

The film was announced on Twitter on May 28, 2015 after Rick decided that he would hold off on Dream Clouds Reboot, mainly due to the lack of original content in the community. But also to let him try his hand at making a crime movie, being both; a fan of the genre and having an interest in crime and investigation stories- whether being a real event or fiction.

On May 29, Rick released the teaser poster and the official main cast of the film, a new poster for the film was released on July 9 and filming begun shortly after and is expected to last until around mid to end of August.

On July 24, the film's certification had been raised to an I-18 due to the graphic violence depicted in the film. Filming wrapped on August 22, and editing was completed on August 24, 2015 with a premiere planned for the following evening. On August 25, 2015, the film was released.


Actor Role
Madformerspro Detective. Harris Godfrey
Coollegodude1 Inspector. Fredrick Crowe
Funnymellow171 Sgt. Margaret Willis
Ultrazz Chief Inspector. Kenneth Knight
WinterWolf314(as BATMAN21005) Sgt. Corey Willis
s8i Audrey Reed-Willis


The film received overwhelming critical acclaim. The film is currently Rick's highest rated film.



Creating an atmosphere visually and story wise that keeps viewers on edge and continuously changing their emotion, yet sets the emotions of fear and curiosity as a foundation throughout the film. This film is interactive with it's audience in a way I've seen no other ROBLOXiwood film do before, having the characters figure out and decipher each clue while also throwing some in for the audience. One of my favorite works from Rick Roll'd Productions and Rick120. 10/10 ChildOfGiotto
Rick120's Transparency is perhaps the most visually pleasing film Robloxiwood has to offer, coupled with a fantastic story and a stellar screenplay. A major improvement from past works such as Transition and Reflection, Transparency offers an original tale of mystery, suspence, and drama, all packed to create one of the greatest ROBLOXiwood films ever made, topping all released productions of 2015 and perhaps even of all time. Even occassional low framerates cannot stop this masterpiece. Batman Approves, 9.8/10. WinterWolf314
Transparency is a film that cannot be explained in merely words - it must be experienced. Rick120 has evolved far from his days of just Vortex Security films, and he has crafted a masterpiece that will be regarded as one of the best ROBLOXiwood films, not just of 2015, but of all time. The story, the script, the characters, the camera angles, the lighting, all of it worked and all of it was fantastic. My only gripes? Some spelling/grammar mistakes, but those are easy to overlook. What a fantastic thrill ride this has been. 9.8/10. Brisingric
For sure Rick120's best film to date. The lighting was amazing and it was shot beautifully. A really dark film and a great ending. My only complaint would be the low framerate at times. Overall a great and dark film. 9/10 Coollegodude1
It's not very often where I can feel something after a movie. And it's especially true for ROBLOXiwood movies. Transparency was a film that invoked awe, suspense, and sadness. It's a thriller, but a quiet one. It's a noir with believable characters and intriguing mystery that an audience can follow. It's an independent film that's not afraid to have a little self-awareness and reference other works. Transparency has broken the barriers of all expectations you could possibly have. Cinematography, dialogue, mystery, and emotion. Easily my second favorite movie in ROBLOXiwood, and one that many should look up to when making mystery thrillers, darker projects, or just a film in general. The newest addition to ROBLOXiwood's fine gallery of art, I give Transparency 9/10. AlmightyNoob
One of the best Rick120 movies thus far. With your dark atmosphere and suspenseful feelings throughout the film, it is definitely one of the best ROBLOXiwood films I have seen in a long damn time. Everything about this film is beyond remarkable, and that ending left me speechless. OVERALL I RATE THIS A 9.7/10. Routess
Bottom line. It was the best roblox production I have ever seen. By far the best you have ever put together. Almost to a point to where I feel as if I have no chance in hell, but I am going to keep trying. I enjoyed how there were little hints here and there. I felt like I was actually there. And that's hard to say over a ROBLOX film. But all in all. Absolutely amazing. 9.5/10 LordCrossfire82
A very great movie, it had a strong atmosphere, interesting characters, and an intriguing murder-mystery. I felt the payoff could have been much stronger, but the buildup and execution of the overall storyline was very impressive. A nice soundtrack, great acting, great dialogue, and overall presentation makes this Rick120's best film by far. The set construction is what truly took me away as each set piece was absolutely perfect, and so were the prop designs. Remarkable film, Rick. 10/10 DonValuta



  • The film will be Madformerspro's first major role since Vortex Security: Operation Sky Storm.
  • It will be Rick's first film with an I-18 Certification.
  • The film had no trailers prior to it's release.
  • Rick120 makes an uncredited cameo in the film.



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