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Vortex Security: Endgame
Offical Teaser Poster by Rick120.
Offical Teaser Poster by Rick120.
Release Date March 6, 2012 - January 27, 2013
Director Rick120
Film Company Rick Roll'd Productions
Running Time 50:08
Main Actors Rick120, Madformerspro, Shadowjazz, RealisticBubble
Genre Action/Drama
Movie Rating Rank I-16.png

Vortex Security: Endgame (abbreviated VS3: Endgame) is a 2012-2013 British-American action film written and directed by Rick120.  The film was released in three parts from March 2012 to January 2013. It is the final film in the Vortex Security series chronologically, and the third film in release order.

The film follows directly after the events of the previous film and was met with a positive critical reaction.


Part 1

The movie begins at Fort Vulcan 2.0, where Vortex Soldiers discuss the events in ROBLOX City and how there has been no word from anyone.

Rick and his troops parachute into Stratosphere tower, where they quickly spot another parachute floating down. It turns out to be Vomica; one of the VAK Generals, she is quickly arrested and taken away. Rick is then introduced by Neville and Justin, Nextgen and Vortex Soldiers. Neville informs Rick of Nextgens apparent downfall, and that they have gone under a new organisation called S.A.S: Special Air Service, he also tells Rick that he had been listening into radio conversation between the plane and Vakshii; causing Rick concern.

In the tower, Vomica is being interogated by Jazz and Justin, who reveal her realname; Alexis. Vomica then explains that the name is not anymore a meaning to her, and that Vomica was the name she lives by since being found by Vaktus.

Jazz beings going over the events prior to their arrival at Stratosphere, Vomica admits to communicating with Vakshii and sent the coordinates to their location and that getting caught was also part of the plan and that battle is inevitable.

After Corporal Jim locks Vomica away in a cell, Rick calls a meeting, explaining to soldiers of the events in ROBLOX City, and how the upcoming battle will determine the fate of either side, and that VAK has Vaktaii as its new leader and then mentions that it was General Sasuke that killed Vaktus, dying himself in the process. During the meeting Vomica escapes.

More Vortex and SAS soldiers arrive, Jazz finished explaining to them everything that has happened prior, finishing estimating around over 10.000 VAK soldiers heading to their location. Rick announces that then they have to get into Vakshii and end it all that night. Meanwhile a few VAK soldiers parachute into the area to investigate, killing Neville in the process, only to be killed by Jim. Immediatly, Rick calls in an emergancy plan of action meeting, dubbing the following: Operation Endgame.

Jim runs through the plan with everyone, but to Rick it seems to easy. Later he and Jazz sit alone in another room, Rick discusses his plan of entering the heart of Vakshii solo, and rescue JGA1, Jazz however refuses to let him go alone saying he will get killed if he did so.

Part 2

During the final Mission Brief before the Battle, Rick and Jazz announce that they will not be taking part in this battle, stating that they are willing to take a reasonable sacrafice to get JGA1 back alive, even if they die in the process; the soldiers are not very accepting of the idea, but Rick is able to talk them into accepting.

Jazz pulls Rick aside in order to try once more to reconsider, but Rick quickly cuts off the conversation; but states that his time as leader is ending and that it would be Jazz that comes back alive to take that role, however Jazz refuses to take that place, if he does come back alive.

As the meeting ends, Corporal Jim provides Rick with some armour for extra support and additional weapons, before the alarms being to sound, signalling the arrival of the VAK ships on the coast. Justin quickly escorts Rick and Jazz to an underground pipe system which runs under Vakshii to a point, after quick goodbyes, Rick and Jazz leave.

VSSOs being powering up the Turrets and activate Stratospheres Defensive system, as the battle fast approaches. Meanwhile underground, Rick and Jazz encounter a few VAKS, using Jims additional weapons, Rick slashes the throat of one VAK, then steals its gun and kills the remaining VAKS. Listening into the communications above ground, Rick can tell the battle is beginning.

Corporal Jim and his troops await the approaching army, one VAK disembarks a ship to greet them, they kill him hesitantly and quickly learn that he was alone on the boat, they hijack the ship and head for Vakshii.

Part 3

The battle begins in Vakshii's courtyards, causing mass chaos and casualties. At Stratosphere its no different, however, an unknown explosion from deep within the towers electrical systems cause the sheilding system to flicker and vapourise- unknown to them it is a hack by VAK General Dom Dologan (This is not mentioned in the actual film)

Meanwhile in Vakshii, the Courtyard battle comes to an abrupt end, as Vaktaii makes his unveiling to the enemy, he speaks out about how surprised he was at how only a few Vortex soldiers lay dead, where as dozens of his own lay dead, he chuckles to himself how he could have underestimated them. Vaktaii then reveals a VSSO hostage to them, and shoots him through the back of his head- killing him. His final words, stating that he was raising the stakes, that if he wasn't dead in 3 hours or less, then JGA1 would end up like the Hostage he just shot, and the fight is over.

VAK ships open fire on the damages Stratosphere tower, causing it to crumble to the ground, and kill everyone there, Corporal Jim and his troops are made aware to this, but refuse to let it stop them from doing their jobs, and that it was their turn to finish the mission.

Deep inside the city walls, Generals Rick and Jazz resurface and begin to work their way through the clear streets upto the main tower, however they are cornered by a heavily armoured soldier, who unknown to them has placed C4 nearby one of the tanks, as it makes a run for it Jazz gives chase, the soldier explodes the C4 destroying the tank, the debris seriously injures Jazz, Rick out of fury grabs a gun and shoots the soldier in the head until dead. An injured Jazz demands Rick to go on without him, Rick tries to argue back but Jazz orders him away, forcing him to comply, the Vortex General continues alone to the tower.

Meanwhile, Jim and a VSSO Private are cornered by a few VAK troops and Dologan, who orders a ceasefire, asking the Vortex soldier what it was worth, amist all the chaos happening at that point. Jim simply states that if they die, they go with them. When a VAK soldier breaks the ceasefire and attempts to kill Jim, the young Corporal ends up killing him instead, all guns aim at Dologan, who states that if they are to kill him, that the best time to do it, but before they could do so, the VSSO Private is killed, Corporal Jim is distracted by this sudden act, and goes to kill the VAK soldier that killed him, but he's gone. He turns around to finish off Dologan, to learn that he has vanished too.

Rick arrives at the tower, and surrenders himself to the VAKS in order to gain easy access, he is introduced to Dologan, who claims to have met him before, but Rick demands to be taken to Vaktaii, so he is. Rick is taken to a large underground fortress underneath the tower, where JGA1 stand in a cage above the ground, and Vaktaii stans waiting for him.

Vaktaii asks Rick why he's here, there is no answer. Vaktaii tries to talk an answer out of him despite knowing it already, and refers to Rick as an 'old friend', confusing the young General. Vaktaii reveals that Rick has met them multiple times during the mission to Coral Island, and that he is in fact Deathfable, the Vortex soldier who went missing before the Battle of Kylotarma, and that General Dologan was present at ROBLOX City, and they had missed capturing him so many times, angering Rick further, he grabs the staff off the VAK leader and attempts to slam it across his face.

Rick and Vaktaii break into an intense fight, multiple times VAK soldiers interviene, but the General is able to knock them off a high platform they stand on. After a few minutes of fighting, Vaktaii begins to grow exhausted, giving Rick the upperhand, he smashes chunks of Vaktaii's mask off, damaging his ability to see out, finally Rick seriously wounds the VAK leader, knocking him to the ground- alive. Rick is able to free the Vortex leader, JGA1 thanking his General and states that they will have Vaktaii locked away perminantly and they just needed to find Vomica and Dologan- Vaktaii however states that both have left Vakshii.

As the Vortex soldiers leave, Rick forces injured Vaktaii to his feet, however Vaktaii makes a last statement, that if JGA1 is leaving, then he has to be dead, the VAK leader recalls Kylotarma to Rick, about VAK General Avok (Commander Mad) stating his death was caused by a large suicide bomb, Vaktaii knocks Rick off him, and unveils a similar one, with five times the blast power, stating that if he's taking JGA1 and himself alive, then they may as well both die, unless he is kept here while JGA1 escapes. Rick yells at his leader to run, while he stays to kill Vaktaii in case he does set off the bomb, JGA1 runs.

Rick and Vaktaii fight a bit more, but overwhelmed by the sudden blow to his stomach, Rick accidentally hits the detonator, Vaktaii announces that finally they can stop. The two shake hands, calling the game a draw when the bomb explodes presumably killing them.

Corporal Jim and his troops find injured Jazz and are able to revive him, as the tower comes crashing down, they all know that Rick would have been inside during that explosion.

Three days later, at Fort Gyrando, JGA1 gives his final memorial speech to the falled 1700 dead Soldiers of the past week, saying how war is always going to be the most brutal times in life and how it can affect others. He finally states that they spend days searching through the wreckage, no evidence of Rick or Vaktaii's bodys, stating that it is uncertain wheather they were alive or dead.

In the final scene, Jazz delievers the next mission brief to Jim; now General, about a hijacked passenger plane being grounded in London. Jim asks Jazz if he's ready to get back to work, he turns to face the camera, he is wearing a facemask and bandana, similar to the ones Rick was last wearing.

The camera zooms into the facemask and the credits start to play.


Filming Part 1 began in February 2012, and finished a few weeks later. Filming Part 2 began a week after Part 1 was released and ended a month later. Filming Part 3 had multiple problems, including the lack of interest from actors within the production group and Rick's urgent need to completing college assingments. Part 3 was forgotten for months until the need to complete the movie came back up, due to KrisBush's announcement of another Vortex Security Trilogy. After months of delay, filming officially began in December 2012 and ended on January 25, 2013.


Endgame recieved overwhelmingly positive reviews for it's special effects, music, characters and action sequences. In October 2013, it was considered Rick120's best film, until the release of Transition the following year.



"Best Vortex Security film... EVER!" 10/10 Madformerspro
"Wow...Best robloxian movie I've seen, expecially with a group, with good will..." 9/10 ITScafrey5
"One of the greatest Roblox Action Films, ever did by Rick, once more. Your films are very inspiring, touching and amazing." 9.5/10 SonicSpire49796452
"The film was Spectacular, I thought it was very Well done. Released in 3 Parts throughout 2012 and 2013, the film had many complications, but pulled through nicely, and was ahead of its time, with its special effects and musical choices!" 10/10 Brisingric



  • It is the only VS film to be rated I-16, due to the violent action sequences during the end battle.
  • At 50 minutes, VS: Endgame is the longest installment in the series, and was Rick's longest film prior to the release of Transparency.
  • Part 3 was delayed due to the lack of motivation from both cast and crew members, the project was brought back from the dead and completed, thanks to the help of Throwback Studios.

Awards and Nominations

2013 BLOX Awards

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Storyline Rick120 N/A

Octoberfest 2013

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Set Rick120 N/A

The 2013 Golden Noob Awards

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Actress in a Leading Role RealisticBubble Nominated
Best Use of Cinematography/Best Directing Rick120 Nominated
Picture of the Year Rick120 Nominated
Actress of the Year RealisticBubble Nominated



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