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Vortex Security: War of the Raiders
VS War of the Raiders 2017 Poster.png
Release Date
January 8th, 2011 (Original)
January 2017 (Re-Cut)
Directed By

Vortex Security: War of the Raiders (or War of the Raiders) is a 2011 British/American action film written and directed by Rick120. It is the first of the Five-film Vortex Security Saga.

A Re-cut version of the film, is due for release sometime in January 2017.


The plot follows Rick as he goes on an adventure to Coral Island to make sure that his old friend, Adamrox, is safe. 


The film was distributed by Rick Roll'd Productions and the film was also released in six parts from January 8, 2011 to March 9, 2011. At Octoberfest in 2016- after the announcement of VSV: Division Ghost, Rick confirmed that he would be remastering the original four films.

Work on the Re-cut Edition began on November 1, 2016- being planned for release in January 2017.




Main Cast
Actor Role
Rick120 Gen. Rick Talvovski
Boombox4153 Corp. Billy "Boombox" Hardy
Madformerspro Commander. Ajax "The Mad Man"
Sasuke12377 Sgt. Sasuke Bon Hardy
ShadowJazz Gen. Stellan "Jazz" Klein


  • Supposedly the film started out as a documentary, which was turned into a film due to experiments the director tried during the editing phase.


A sequel to Vortex Security: War of The Raiders was made, Vortex Security: Game of Guns continuing directly following the events of the first film.

In 2013, Vortex Security: Operation Sky Storm, the prequel was released.