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WOWs Roblox Studios
WRS 2012 Logo.jpg
YouTube Channel WOWsRobloxStudiosV2
Established 2011 - 2014
Founder LordCrossfire82
Owner LordCrossfire82
Notable Films Gary Bush III: Dark Days, Action Cop - The Movie

WOW's Roblox Studios Motion Picture Company ([WRS]) is a ROBLOX film company founded in 2011 by LordCrossfire82 and owned by Wimpy1. 


WRS Studios opened in 2011, under the reign of KrisBush15. The name was inspired by his alt account's name, WOWITsTRAINZ1995. The company became known for the KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Series and also the Gary Bush saga. Over the next year, the company grew and incorporated a ROBLOX wrestling group as a subsidary. The company posted videos from the wrestling company because of the subsidary.

In that December, the company shut down for a brief period of time because they had merged into ConFilms. Later, in March of 2013, the company re-opened after ConFilms shut down. They then released Gary Bush III: Dark Days.

On December 31, 2013, TMF took over the BCU rights from WRS Studios. WRS regained BCU rights from TMF and murged with Crossfire Studios, and Warbeast Pictures to reopen ConFilms.

Company Information

Name Position
Actor I
Business Associates II
Vice President III
President IV


Name Year Director Type Status

KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Series

2013 LordCrossfire82 Film Released

KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Movie

2013 LordCrossfire82 Film Series Released

Gary Bush: The Voul

2013 LordCrossfire82 Film Released

Gary Bush II: The Rise

2013 LordCrossfire82 Film Cancelled
Gary Bush III: Dark Days 2013-2014 LordCrossfire82 Series Released
Bandon Bush 2013 LordCrossfire82 Film Released
The Headless Nightmare 2014 LordCrossfire82 Film Released
TThe Warbeast (Part 1) 2014 LordCrossfire82 Film Released