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Western Infection
Release Date May 11, 2013
Director MisterThrowback
Film Company Throwback Studios
Running Time 9:48
Main Actors MisterThrowback, Agentmeap, Cyclone3260, Allissiea
Genre Western, Horror
Movie Rating Rank M.png

Western Infection is a Western film written and directed by MisterThrowback. The film was produced by Bomen3 and distributed by Throwback Studios.


A slave turned Bounty Hunter and his friend Matthew are on a mission to come into a cursed town that's over run with Walkers to find his wife. Can he and his unlikely allies break the curse and make it out alive?

Production History

The film was released on May 11, 2013.


Reception was generally negative towards the film.

Reviews Reviewer
"Very fast dialogue, bad editing, and I couldn't keep up with what was happening. I barely knew the names of the main characters and there was 0% character developement. Nothing is really explained, and the characters seem like copies of Django Unchained. Final rating 3.1/10 for effort." ██████████

The film was nominated for a 2013 BLOX Award for a Best Actor and a Best Supporting Actress Award.


Main/Major Cast
Name Role
MisterThrowback Luis Sanchez
Agentmeap Matthew Belston
Cyclone3260 William Shane
Allissiea Clair Warden
Popsfootloose949 Bartender
Arches17 Sheriff Walker
Lizzysanchez25 Alice Jacobs
Minor/Extra Cast
Name Role
MarioDude01 Shawn
HotShawnMichaels Shawn
Awsomefunnyguyq Slave
Starguy197 Slave
RealisticBubble Walker
Naruto12345677 Walker
Joe4770 Walker
Sgfan11 Walker
Average189pen Walker
Gooboo55 Walker
Arches17 Walker


  • N/A


A prequel for Western Infection has been announced to be released in 2014 titled "Western Before Infection" starting Agentmeap as Matthew Belston.

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Ceremony Category Result Recipient
2013 BLOX Awards Best Actor Nominated Agentmeap as Matthew Belston
Best Supporting Actress Nominated Allissiea as Clair Warden



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