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White Crows
White Crows Poster.png
Director ThecapcomFreak
Main Actors Ahache123, Spiderboy9
Series Run December 1, 2014 - Ongoing
Seasons 3
No. of Shows 21
Genre Drama
Movie Rating Rank I-16.png

White Crows is a 2014 drama series written, directed and produced by ThecapcomFreak


After a rebellious act of delinquency, two snitches begin hounding Blake and his friends, leading to a series of violent confrontations.


On September 19th, 2014, ThecapcomFreak announced his new series titled White Crows which would focus on issues that he could not put into The Dolor Collection. He released a poster and a few cast members the same day. In late November, Capcom released the intro to White Crows, and on December 1st, the Pilot was aired.


Reception to White Crows was positive.

Quote Reviewer
"loved this so much, the shots were stunning and the dialog was natural. There were very few flaws in this. I'm excited for more episodes. 9/10" Coollegodude1
"Nice. I am really getting obsessed with this series like I did with Darkvalk xd 11/10 for the music!" Tokyodrift7
"Pretty amazing. But there are no movie/series without flaws. The cinematography was stunning, and the dialog was good. The characters were personality was well thought though. Although it only had 2 scenes in it, but they were amazing. You never cease to amaze me (like my opinion counts anyway). 9/10" Supergoko98
"he episode was awesome, I liked the radio and car sound effects can't wait to see more 9/10" Ahache123


Series Overview
Season Episodes Release
1 7 December 1, 2014
2 7 Cancelled
3 7 Cancelled
Season Episode Name Director Release
1 1 Pilot ThecapcomFreak December 1, 2014
1 2 Ignition ThecapcomFreak December 6, 2014
1 3 Cognition ThecapcomFreak December 14, 2014
1 4 Asininity ThecapcomFreak TBA
1 5 Mikey ThecapcomFreak TBA
1 6 Home ThecapcomFreak TBA
1 7 TBA ThecapcomFreak TBA


Main Cast
Name Role
Ahache123 Blake
Spiderboy9 Douglass
OriginalLSummerS Madilyn
Rick120 Ralph
Zilex1000 Caleb
JenniferHartson Jessie
BlueValkKitty Adela
Routess Mikey
AlexIsAwesome Serj